The Championship

The Championship

The FIA Formula 2 Championship starts now

Forging a new beginning for the penultimate rung of the open-wheel motorsport ladder, an agreement has been made between the FIA and the former GP2 Series Organisation to create the ultimate training ground for Formula 1 for 2017 in the new FIA Formula 2 Championship (F2). The combination of the prestige of the FIA and the organisational prowess of GP2 have been brought together to create a championship that will be the ideal preparation for the top step: Formula 1.

But while the teams and drivers will be turning their undoubted abilities to the task of moving up, we will bring our combined talents to providing the spectacle and excitement that fans have come to expect. And this starts with two things: the combination of a fast, safe, high tech car with a talent pool of the best up-and-coming drivers in single-seater motorsport, to ensure a championship that is a must-see for fans of real racing.

The championship will provide the opportunity for our drivers to show their ability in front of the F1 teams as they compete on world-renowned circuits throughout Europe and the Middle East, in a car created to ensure that the challenge for the teams is maintained.

Our partner Pirelli, one of the most respected names in top level automotive expertise, allows F2 to evolve and, along with further relationships with a host of committed suppliers, to create a category which is both affordable and technologically advanced.

The championship benefits from the experience of the FIA scrutineers to monitor the cars and oversee the running of all on-track events, while FOM's unparalleled expertise in the broadcasting and marketing of the FIA Formula 2 Championship ensures that it has truly global reach and appeal.

We look forward to providing ever more excitement for our fans, as the best young drivers in the world fight for their place with the cream of racing talent in Formula 1.

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