2017 Round 9 Sprint Race press conference

2017 Round 9 Sprint Race press conference

Ghiotto, Sette Camara and Fuoco discuss their race

FIA Formula 2: Welcome to today’s FIA Formula 2 press conference following the Sprint Race here in Monza. We are joined by race winner Luca Ghiotto from RUSSIAN TIME. In second place we have Sergio Sette Camara for MP Motorsport and in third place we have Antonio Fuoco for PREMA Racing. Luca, welcome back. This is your second sprint race win at this level. After yesterday’s disappointment, what does today’s win mean?

Luca Ghiotto: As I said on the radio after the finishing line, this is probably the victory that feels the best of my career. When they take away a win from you and the day after you win again, it is just the best feeling in the world. I think we proved that we were really quick yesterday and we didn’t win just by luck. I’m really happy about that. We also proved to be quick in wet and dry conditions which is really good I think. It’s very good to know that we are competitive in both conditions even if I don’t think it will be raining in Jerez and in Abu Dhabi. I think we did a good step forward since Spa. The momentum looks like it keeps on going. I feel really good right now so it’s good to be here again because it’s my home race and I really want to bring home a trophy. I’m really happy.

FIA Formula 2: After what happened yesterday and finding out so late about the final result, how difficult to keep your emotions in check?

Luca: It was a bit tough. I think I slept three hours last night. We were at the stewards’ until almost midnight. Then I found it hard to remain calm and it took a while to fall asleep… This morning, I was not 100% ready because when you don’t sleep enough, you don’t feel ready for the race. But my emotions were in check once I jumped in the car. The rest disappeared and I was ready for the race. After that, everything went my way…

FIA Formula 2: Thank you Luca. Sergio, moving on to you: after last week’s sprint race win, another race fight at the front. How was the race from your perspective?

Sergio Sette Camara: It was a very positive race. I had zero points before Spa and now I’ve scored points in the last four races… Yesterday, I was really happy with P6 at the end but honestly, we were a bit lucky: I had issues with my start and then at the pitstop. It was a bit disappointed because I was just behind Latifi who finished P3 eventually… I kept my head cool and still managed to make a good race. I managed to break late and make my move at the Safety Car restart to stay out of the mess. It was P6 in the end and good points. I started P3 today and made up one position to finish second. I don’t think we had the pace to beat Luca today. He did a really good job. But I’m happy with P2.

FIA Formula 2: You mentioned after Spa the importance to replicate that result. Do you feel you’re building a bit of momentum?

Sergio: Definitely. It is much easier when you have a base to start working on. Like I said, even in the tough moments I kept my head down. Yesterday’s pitstop was a mess dropping from P10 to P17. I was able to keep my cool and this is the moment that helped getting good results this weekend. I ended up classified P6. That’s also I think because all the people around me support me and help me. For sure, after a win and good results, the circumstances hep you as well.

FIA Formula 2: Congratulations. Antonio, moving on to you: a win eventually yesterday and a podium today. It was almost a perfect weekend…

Antonio Fuoco: Yes, I think it was a positive weekend. I think we deserve because we keep pushing very hard. Yesterday, we were a bit lucky after Luca’s penalty, but I think I did everything well to stay on track… As for today, the start was not perfect but then the car was really good. I could push every lap. My pace was amazing. I made some overtaking manoeuvres that were quite nice and we finished on the podium. It has been a positive weekend for us.

FIA Formula 2: With ten laps to go, there was quite a big gap with Delétraz in third. But you closed it quite quickly. Were you confident you could get third at the moment?

Antonio: I was pushing every lap. My engineer told me on the radio that I needed to push until the end. I did as I was told, but I was a bit scared about the tyre degradation but everything was perfect today. I think we did a really good job.

FIA Formula 2: Thank you and congratulations. Luca, returning to you: something you mentioned yesterday in the press conference was the points you gained in getting closer to second in the championship. You got even more points today. Are you confident you can get that result by the end of the season?

Luca: For sure, now more than before the summer break, yes. When you do four races in a row scoring good points, for sure you feel more confident with yourself, the car and the team… When I get to Jerez, I’ll be more confident.  There’s a much bigger chance to fight for second in the championship. I think it’s been a really good weekend for me. Let’s see how Jerez goes…

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