Round 9 Feature Race Press Conference

Round 9 Feature Race Press Conference

Ghiotto, Fuoco and Matsushita discuss the race

FIA Formula 2: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the press conference for today’s feature race here in Monza: joining us is race winner Luca Ghiotto from RUSSIAN TIME, in second we have Antonio Fuoco from PREMA Racing, and in third place we have Nobuharu Matsushita from ART Grand Prix. Luca, a crazy last few laps today, but how does it feel to win at your home circuit?

Luca Ghiotto: It feels amazing! We’ve been working hard all through the season, and we’ve been through difficult moments in the second half and we definitely needed it. It looks like we’ve gained good momentum with the win today. It was a pretty crazy race, but wet races are famous for this! I was expecting that at the beginning, to be honest, and for sure after the safety car came out I was wondering if I could have a go for the win when I was P3, and the other 2 drivers had a pretty bad first corner and I could overtake both of them. It’s not easy on cold tyres in these conditions, especially at this track with the hard braking: you really need to have the tyres and the brakes ready! The last 2 laps were really long for me but I’m really, really happy to win my home race, and it’s my first feature race win because I won a sprint race last year but I was missing this, and I’m really happy.

FIA Formula 2: What were your thoughts at the restart?

Luca: After the last corner I was a bit afraid because I had a bad launch on the start/finish straight, but that’s probably what saved me because I wasn’t fighting with the first 2 drivers, and if I was then maybe I’d be out of the track or having problems! I had a good run out of the first chicane, that’s what made me have a good run and helped me to win the race.

FIA Formula 2: Antonio, you started from 8th but had a good race: talk us through it from your seat.

Antonio Fuoco: The start was quite okay until the first chicane, and there were many people cutting the chicane and nothing happened, which I think was a bit strange. And then I was behind Merhi, and he was difficult to overtake but then the pace was quite good to the pitstop, very quick, and after the pitstop with the new tyres the car was very good. The safety car came and everything went well, so we’ve had a good day today and thanks to the team, because we did a pretty nice job.

FIA Formula 2: It’s an Italian 1-2 today: how special was it to stand on the podium today?

Antonio: It was very special for me, and also for Luca: it was very nice, but for sure I would prefer to be P1! But I’m happy with the podium, and the race we did today.

FIA Formula 2: Nobu, how do you view this race after starting from pole but finishing in P3 after a crazy race?

Nobuharu Matsushita: I am really happy with P3 I think, because in the beginning it was really difficult to follow the guys in front of me: I had a lot of wheelspin at the start and I lost 2-3 positions and then I tried to follow, and I was P5 until the final laps where it was crazy, and I’m happy we managed it well, I think.

FIA Formula 2: The track was drying throughout the race, but how difficult was it to be quick in those conditions?

Nobuharu: It was better and better, lap by lap, and also my pace improved quite a lot compared to the beginning: in the beginning my pace was too slow I think, but in the end it was quite similar to these guys, and I’m quite happy to be on the podium.

FIA Formula 2: Luca, you said you’ve had a difficult few races: is this the catalyst for a better run to the end?

Luca: Considering how many points I gained on the guys in front of me today I hope so, because definitely today’s race opened a great chance for me to finish 2nd in the championship. We really need to keep up the pace because the front runners is close for all the races, and just a little mistake can make a big difference. 25 points in one race is quite a lot, and if you’ve got zero you’ve lost a lot! We have to be consistent for the rest of the season, that’s the key to a good result at the end of the season.

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