Lando Norris

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Another racer whose time in F2 was only fleeting: Lando Norris is proof of the age-old proverb that states ‘if you’re good enough, you’re old enough.’

The McLaren F1 junior wasn’t technically a rookie due to his appearance in the 2017 F2 finale at Abu Dhabi, but, more than a year George Russell’s junior, he was young, raw and inexperienced. McLaren had big plans for the Bristol-born British racer and earmarked him early on for a potential 2019 race seat in F1, when the driver market was set for a shake-up.

Still, Norris had to prove he had the mettle. Victory in the first round of 2018, in the Bahrain Feature Race, wasn’t a bad way to start. He would then keep pace with eventual Champion Russell throughout the campaign, securing a further eight podiums on his way to second place in the Championship.

Known for his boyish charm and playful sense of humour, Norris has taken to F1 like a duck to water both on and off the track, impressing alongside his more experience McLaren teammate Carlos Sainz. The Briton scored points 11 times throughout the season, edging out his teammate in their head-to-head Qualifying battle, all while building a budding ‘bromance’ with the Spaniard.

Retaining his McLaren race seat for 2020, Norris will hope to continue his upward trajectory.