About the FIA

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The governing body of global motor sport, the FIA regulates and adjudicates at many hundreds of events across a huge variety of series around the world. From single-seaters, endurance racing and rallying to electric and new energy championships and the huge number of regional and grassroots events that take place around the world, the FIA’s passion for motor sport remains constant as it ensures safe and fair competition for all.

In the single-seater category, the FIA has constructed a simple yet comprehensive pathway to the top levels of competition, guiding drivers from their first steps in single-seaters in the nationally-organised Formula 4 through Formula Regional, FIA Formula 3 and Formula 2 all the way to the pinnacle of motor sport, the FIA Formula One World Championship.

The Formula 2 Championship represents the penultimate step on this ladder. With a proven track record of promoting drivers to the top level of single-seaters, FIA Formula 2 provides a stern test of every area of a driver’s skill set and offers fans the chance to see today brightest young talents in motor racing battling to become the world champions of the future.

In Formula 2 the FIA governs technical and sporting regulations and appoints the FIA officials who ensure that those regulations are adhered to at all times. It also maintains the highest safety standards of the cars and circuits and provides a driver training specific to the discipline.

Jean Todt - FIA President

"Welcome to the 2021 FIA Formula 2 Championship, the penultimate step on the FIA’s single-seater ladder towards the pinnacle of motor sport, Formula 1.

"Over the past decade the FIA has invested heavily in the redefinition and simplification of the single-seater landscape, seeking to provide a clearer roadmap for drivers to reach their goal of competing at the top level of racing.

"The pathway from Formula 4 to the Formula Regional and Formula 3 provide competitors with progressive steps in power, complexity and competitive intensity. Crucially they also deal with holistic development of drivers, helping them to deal with the extreme pressure motor racing at the very top level.

"The FIA Formula 2 Championship is the final step on that pathway. Here drivers are not only attempting to find the tiniest advantages the same machinery, they are also dealing with many of the same technical demands they will face in Formula 1, from tyre management to race strategy.

"The success of the single-seater ladder and its final step is apparent in the number of drivers that have graduated from Formula 2 to the top level. Since 2017 10 F2 drivers have claimed seats in Formula 1 with drivers such as Charles Leclerc, Lando Norris, George Russell and last year’s champion, Mick Schumacher, making the step up.

"This season is sure to be no different and I look forward to another season-long battle in which I’m sure we will see some exceptional racing. I hope you enjoy the races."