Formula 2 and 3 has proven to be an excellent school for the best young drivers in the world, helping many of them achieve their dreams of making it to Formula 1.

In its seven-season history, Formula 2 has produced 16 drivers that have gone on to race in F1, while in just five years, F3 has had five of its graduates reach F1.

But how do both Championships help the drivers not just get to the next level, but also stay there?

Well, in the latest episode of the F1 Explains podcast, with the help of commentator Alex Jacques and former F2 & F3 Champion Oscar Piastri, now racing for the McLaren F1 Team, they explain exactly how.

Jacques talks in detail about both categories, the relationships between the Formula 2 & 3 teams with those in Formula 1, a typical weekend in both Championships, the pressures, and the demands on the drivers and much more.

Piastri also talks through his experiences in both Championships, revealing how they compare to F1 as well as how they helped prepare him for the next level.

The Australian driver also talks about his success in both categories, his future hopes, which include helping the next generation of drivers make their way up the ladder and much more.

You can listen to Jacques and Piastri join hosts Christian Hewgill and Katie Osborn to talk all things F2 & F3 here.