Enzo Fittipaldi says he drove a measured race to eighth in the Sprint Race on his way through the field from 11th on the grid. The Charouz Racing System driver was very pleased with his drive on Saturday that won him a well-earned point.

In what was a tough race amid searing hot temperatures at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, Fittipaldi says that he and his team maximised their result in the Sprint, putting Charouz in a good position for the Feature Race on Sunday.

"When you do make an overtake, be as precise as possible, you go 100%. That's what I did today. And that's what I'll do tomorrow”

“I think it was a good race. We started 11th, finished eighth and got one point, which is very important and I'm quite happy with the result. I mean, there's obviously some things you want to do better, but I didn't really leave anything on the table, I think we maximised it.

“I really did my best today and, like always, I'm always trying to do my best and it was a good result. In Qualifying, we were just outside the top 10 by half a tenth and 10th would have given us reverse grid pole for the Sprint. But still, P11, it’s a good position to fight for points in the Feature Race.

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“The Sprint race was a difficult one, it was difficult to manage the tyres, having pressure from behind and obviously not wanting to make any mistakes. No lockups is very important. So, you have to be extremely focused at all times. That is the most important thing in these very hot conditions.”

While others struggled to make moves and got stuck in a DRS train, Fittipaldi was able to move by his closest rivals on track and make the overtakes stick. The Brazilian says that by having full commitment every time he attempted a move, he was able to make them work where others couldn’t.

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“Do not make any mistakes, taking care of my tyres, and just using my head at all moments. I have to be smart in these moments where the track is very hot and tyres are overheating. One mistake will cost your race because you make one mistake and you're gonna hit the cliff of the tyres and you'll drop off and go all the way to the back.

“So just keeping a cool mind, no mistakes, that's the most important thing. Stay on track and when you do make an overtake, be as precise as possible. When you do go for it, you go 100%. So that's what I did today. And that's what I'll do tomorrow.”

“I think tomorrow we have a good shot again at the points, that’s the goal. We’re pretty good always in strategy and our race pace is always strong. So, I'm very confident we'll be in the points. I'll do my best and we'll see where we end up.”