Roy Nissany’s piano playing talents were revealed to the world on social media last week, as the Israeli reeled off a rendition of the Formula 1 theme tune for his followers, but what else has he been up to?

The Trident racer has penned his own guest column, giving fans an insight into his life outside of racing at the moment.


I am currently in Herzliya in Israel, just near Tel Aviv, my hometown. I am here with my family and my cat and dog. We are all just stuck at home at the moment like you guys, with not enough action around.

Staying fit

I've been keeping in very, very high shape and I am training hard every day, even more than usual. There is nothing else really to do, so I am spending a lot of my time working out and training.

I am in touch with my personal trainer regularly and we are making the most of Facetime. He is helping me with sessions, and we are training together very often during the day for a couple of hours. This involves some neck training with the bands that I have at home, some weightlifting, and a lot of body weight exercises.

I also love pilates and yoga, so I am doing plenty of that as well. They help me to build up my core stability and balance, so it is great to get more time to do that.

Passing the time

To keep myself busy I am spending a lot of time driving at home on my personal simulator. To switch things up, I have been trying a lot of different games, a lot of different cars and a load of different tracks, a lot of imaginary tracks even, just trying to extract every little essence of it and stay focused.

On top of this, as you may have seen on social media, I love playing the piano. I have been posting videos, including the F1 theme tune. I have been able to improve a lot on my ability on the piano and I have learned new songs.

For the fans

I would like to give a message to the fans and tell you all that I love to see the support that we are still seeing on social media and all of the questions that I have gotten.

I have been busy trying to answer to everybody who has reached out and asked me stuff, it is great support. Please continue guys, it is important for us all!

I hope to see you soon on the tracks, Roy

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