The Boy from Barbados has made a splash so far in Formula 2, but who does the Rodin Carlin driver pay tribute to the most in his career so far?

Zane Maloney goes through those who have had the greatest impact on his racing so far, and the theme is family.


“Of course, my parents. My mum and dad have had the biggest impact on how I’ve been brought up, how I am off track, they’ve done a lot in my life to get me to where I am today. Having good morals and being able to get along with the teams with how they brought me up, that’s down to them.

“They were a big influence. My mum not so much – she still can’t watch the races. She gets very nervous, but my dad was at the racetrack since I was two years old. My entire family races in go karts, when I was three, I started karting. That was very early but it’s great to have a whole family behind you and that knows what your sport is as well. Even if they’re not on the level to give sporting advice, they can help personally.”

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“On track it’s been Lewis my entire life. I remember the first time was 2007 when he got into F1, I went to the Canadian Grand Prix and ever since then, he’s been my idol. Of course, he’s amazing on track but what he stands for off track, I really appreciate. He’s the greatest driver ever for me, and he’s had a massive impact on my career.

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“To be honest, I don’t remember so much of the weekend, I was just four years old, and my dad took me. I just remember hearing stories about all the kids wearing the earmuffs and I wasn’t wearing any. The cars were very loud back then. I do remember a few years later, supporting him and when he won his world championship in 2014, I have videos of me in the house going crazy. It’s weird how I’m here watching him in person, but he’s been a great inspiration.”

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“My entire family have been there for me for my life and I’m sure they will be for the future. Family is very important to me in general. I have quite a close family, we’re always out together somewhere and that’s important for me. When I go home and see everyone at least once, even if it’s five days, I’m going round everyone’s house to say hey. Family is the most important thing to me in life.”