FIA Formula 2: Hello and welcome to the Press Conference of the top three qualifiers for the FIA Formula 2 Championship here in Barcelona. In third place we have Franco Colapinto from MP Motorsport, in second we have Jak Crawford from DAMS Lucas Oil and taking Pole is Championship leader Paul Aron from Hitech Pulse-Eight. Paul six thousandths of a second covering the top three. Can you believe just how close that Qualifying session was?

Paul Aron: Yeah, I mean I am very happy to be sitting in the middle here and be on the good side of that close margin. I think it was a really cool Qualifying at least for me in the car, and for the fans outside. The top three was so close and in the end, I think it is only one tenth of P5 and then to P10 it is still super close. I think it was a great session for the Championship, the drivers and the fans. I am very happy to come away with the Pole.

FIA Formula 2: You said before that this is the first time you are sitting in the middle seat here, but this is actually your first top three qualifying performance of this year, just how satisfying is it to achieve that?

Aron: Yeah I have come here a lot on Saturday and Sunday but I have never been here in Friday and never been in the middle, so I am very happy to be here. I must say a huge thank you to the team, to Hitech Pulse-Eight, because I think the results have shown but no one has seen the work we have done inside the team. Even during this three week break that the drivers had I know that the team was pushing flat out. I have really enjoyed working with them this year. The races and the work feels so seamless that I am really enjoying my time here. As a rookie I am still getting used to the car, as I am sure the other rookies are too. It was normal that in the beginning we were not going to be amazing in qualifying because I think there was a lot for me to improve and the team was learning how to build the car around me. Round after round we have been making steps forward. Monaco we were close to me being in the middle and now we finally are, so I am super happy.

FIA Formula 2: Your closest competitor in terms of the Championship Standings are all out of the Top 10 after today, does this results take on any extra importance for you?

Aron: Not really, we are still at Round 6 of 14. I am just focusing on myself and the team. The fact that I came into this round as the Championship leader, I never felt that I was in the defending position. I knew how much myself and the team had improved and how much potential we still have. I always felt that if we are in this position now, then good things should be waiting for us.

FIA Formula 2: Congratulations well done today. Jak second place for you, two thousandths of a second away from Pole Position. How do you feel knowing it was that close?

Jak Crawford: It does suck being that close. We look at the data after and we find 10 times that we could have gained just two thousandths. In the end it is the same for all of us, I am sure we all could have found some time. It’s great to bounce back, it has been a terrible last three rounds where I have been on the back row. It’s great to bounce back like this.

FIA Formula 2: Is it almost relief to get this result after that run that you’ve had recently?

Crawford: Yeah for sure, we have been putting in so much hard work. We have been really fast and I made a mistake in Melbourne and the other two were just unlucky problems with that car. It happens. This result, it gives a lot of confidence for the team and it is definitely something we needed going into this run of European races.

FIA Formula 2: After a promising first two rounds, those qualifying wows have made points harder to come by for you recently. Is it particularly important to capitalise on this grid slot for the rest of the weekend?

Crawford: For sure we want to maximise the points like always. Expectations were very low for this session. We wanted to come away with a top 10, we want to be in that reverse grid and to just improve. Obviously this is a big bonus for us to be on the front row and flighting for the big points on Sunday.

FIA Formula 2: Well done, thanks very much for waiting Franco, third place on the grid for you and your best Qualifying results in F2. So close to Pole and you had that moment out of the final corner. How do you sum it up?

Franco Colapinto: It was a good qualifying for us based on the year so far but of course when you are P3 by only six thousandths of a second it doesn’t feel as good. If it was two tenths I would have been feeling better to be honest. The good news is that we are looking very competitive. My lap was not the best which makes it a bit more difficult to digest but on the other hand it is positive to be there even without the perfect lap. I am looking forward to Sunday and the Sprint Race tomorrow too. Best qualifying position in Imola, then Monaco and new best here again so it is going in the right direction after the test we had here. We made a big step forward with the car and it is suiting be a lot more than before. I am feeling more comfortable which is good news. I am looking forward to see how we can keep improving.

FIA Formula 2: You have improved round after round, what was it that tested at the test that has allowed you to get more out of qualifying?

Colapinto: There were many things that we were working on. We achieved a few things that I needed to work on and luckily I think those three days were very positive for us. We could go through our lists of thing we needed to change and luckily we found things that are suiting me better. Before it was just not feeling very comfortable, my driving is quite different to Dennis Hauger my teammate. We were not matching, both of us in terms of what we needed. Maybe we were going in the wrong direction which was good to understand and fix.

FIA Formula 2: The big points are paid on Sunday, you have got yourself third on the grid for the Feature Race. Do you think you have the car under you to challenge these two for the victory?

Colapinto: Yes, looking at how close we were in Qualifying I think that the three of us all have the car to be on Pole today and the car to win the race. It will be tight of course as was qualifying today. Let’s see how it goes.

FIA Formula 2: Great stuff, thanks very much all.