Felipe Drugovich won for the second time in Formula 2 in Round 6, taking a Sprint Race victory around the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. The Brazilian racer takes control of this week’s guest column to pen his thoughts on a successful weekend.

He delves into the pace that MP Motorsport had this weekend, looks at the difficult decision the team had to make in the Feature Race, and of course, discusses his emphatic victory.


For sure, the most positive thing from Round 6 was the pace that we showed throughout. We were able to use this to win the Sprint Race, while we had shown a lot of pace in the Feature Race as well.

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The pace came from a lot of hard work. We had to work on ourselves and we had to work on the car, to make it reliable, and to get it working how we wanted. So, that is a very positive point to take from the weekend.


The Safety Car did not help me in the Feature Race, because the team had to make a difficult decision. The two drivers were glued together, and it would have been really difficult to have done a double stack, without one of us loosing time.

To avoid this, the team sent me out for another lap, and I had to pit later, but in the end, this cost me a lot of time. Whereas others were able to pit and did not lose any time. It was a shame, but it was a hard decision for the team to make, and at least we won the Sprint Race. WHAT I LEARNED – A BIT OF EVERYTHING

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I don't think that we learned anything specifically, we just keep learning everything together, bit-by-bit, round-by-round.

We are learning the tyres more with each weekend, and we are learning how to turn them on for Quali. I am learning how I should drive the car in Quali and in the races, to get the most out of the car and the tyres. In Barcelona, I think that we learned a bit of everything, which is really nice.


Some of my overtakes were not shown on TV, but they were really nice. If I could choose to show someone something, it would be the overtakes I made, which were not shown, as they were good.


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I think we can have good pace there, as we had in Barcelona. The track itself, at Barcelona, with some long, fast corners, can be a little bit similar to Spa. Spa is one of my favourite tracks of all time, along with Silverstone, and I am really looking forward to it.

It will also be quite emotionally for everyone, because of what happened with Anthoine last year. We have to keep that in mind and make sure that it doesn’t go by unnoticed, which it certainly won’t. We will make sure that we are remembering him, all of the time.