Luca Ghiotto is a fan-favourite in Formula 2: a six-time race winner in the Championship, he narrowly missed out on the title in 2019 and is fighting towards the front again this year, with Hitech Grand Prix

We sat down with the Italian to discuss the moments that made him.


“My first ever GP3 race in 2014 at Spa-Francorchamps, where I was given an opportunity to drive by Trident because they had a free car for the event. I always think that this race basically saved my career.

“That season I was racing in Formula Renault and it went from a decent start to being really, really bad in a short space of time. I wasn’t getting the results that we expected for many reasons and I was quite depressed in that moment, because I really thought that my race career would finish there.

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“I have never had the money to race wherever I wanted. I’ve always had to work hard in every season, so having a bad season that year, it really meant that my racing career could have finished there, it wouldn’t have helped me in finding a seat for the next season. Being given that opportunity by Trident to show that I could drive well in Spa - getting pole position in my first ever GP3 event - really saved my 2014 season and brought me the opportunities that I had in the next few years.”


“The final race of 2015 in Abu Dhabi when I was fighting with Esteban Ocon for the GP3 title. That was by far the best season that I have had in my career so far. I really think that if I had won the Championship in that weekend, which was possible, then my career would have been a bit different.

“I was talking with some F1 teams that year and I think because I didn’t win the Championship, it didn’t help me in those talks. I really regret not winning that final race.”

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“The first time I drove a go kart would be the final moment. My father got me one as a birthday present in 2007. That was the first time I ever drove a racing car of any form. I didn’t expect it to happen and it is the reason why I started racing. Without that, I would not be here today.

“I had been following my father's own racing career since I can remember. When I was really, really young, I cannot remember it, but from five, six years old, I can remember watching him race and it was a great experience. I always wanted to do the same as he was doing. It was great to be with him and to have the chance to smell fuel and rubber for the first time and now I am here doing what he always liked to do, with the same passion.”