Richard Verschoor is aiming to make up for lost points this weekend in Baku. The Trident driver says that his and the team's potential has gone unrewarded in recent races, particularly in Monte Carlo last weekend.

A 13th and 12th-place finish in the Sprint and Feature Races respectively was a disappointing result to take for the Dutchman, and he says that this weekend in Baku could be a turning point in the team's fortunes.

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“We didn't have that much time to prepare, Monaco was just two weeks ago. But I’ve been training in the gym, and then we did three days in the simulator looking through all scenarios. I think everyone is doing the same so it’s nothing too special, but I feel very prepared, and I've been here last year as well.

“Last year I was slow. It was the same in Monaco so I hope that this year we have good pace and it's a more enjoyable race. I feel like we have something to make up for from the last three rounds, so I'm very motivated to do well and so is the team."

That experience is something Verschoor is hoping pays off this weekend as he aims to make up for the disappointing result in Monaco.

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The Trident man says that he has become very comfortable with the car, but that patience could be the defining factor in the build-up to the races on Saturday and Sunday.

“Already in Monaco I felt very comfortable with the car. So that's a good thing about the team that they gave me a car that I'm very comfortable with and I can push the limit. Even though I’ve already been here, it's a very dirty track so it will take some cleaning. I’m very excited to go here but this will be the approach. I think we have a car that's good enough to be top five so that should be our aim."

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Reflecting on his Monte Carlo weekend, Verschoor said he was hugely unlucky with the non-score. Now having had five rounds under his belt with new team Trident, the Dutch driver says he is now familiar with his surroundings and that there is more to come from both heading into the Baku weekend.

“In Monaco, we were looking very good after Practice and could have improved, we were top five all session long. So it was a big shame for me and the team because on the first lap we did in Qualifying, the time was almost as good as the guys who were on pole. On the new set of tyres for sure we could have improved so for me it’s a big, big shame. I really think that we could have fought for pole. I'm a bit upset about that. I really want to come back and do it all over. Maybe next year, who knows?

"The attitude inside the team and the motivation is still there, but it was really high after Jeddah. Coming from MP where I've been for six years, almost, I didn't know what to expect from a new team and to learn new people to work with them. But, I'm really really happy with where we are. We have a very good relationship."