This feature delves into the relationship between teammates in the paddock. Who has the most annoying habit? What superhero would they be? Who knows the most about their race car?

ART Grand prix duo Nyck de Vries and Nikita Mazepin are up next…

Describe your teammate in three words?

NDV: Hard worker, knows what he wants, quick.

NM: Super nice guy, motivated, good racer. What’s your teammate’s most annoying habit?

NDV: I think that I have more annoying habits than he does!

NM: Nyck likes to speak a lot during team debriefs, which sometimes irritates me a little bit. Nyck has a lot to say - although, I would say that is a good thing.

NDV: I think it is a strength as well, but, he will do whatever it takes to win.

What’s your teammate’s best quality?

NDV: He doesn't give up.

NM: He is experienced and clever.

Which of you is the funniest?

NM: Nyck .

NDV: I would say you! I am not that funny.

NM: You have your moments...

NDV: We are even then.

What meal would you cook for your teammate?

NDV: He cannot cook, so I will be the chef!

NM: I would take him to the Chinese place near to our team base laughs.

NDV: We can skip that place... I am happy to cook. I could make him anything; I am a decent cook, so I would just chose a recipe on the day.

If your teammate was a superhero, which one would they be?

NDV: I think that he would be the hulk.

NM: Superman.

Which of you knows the most about your car?

NM: Nyck, definitely, he has more experience and he seems to enjoy this more than me.

NDV: He knows more about road cars than me though. He owns more…

NM: I don't know where he is getting this from laughs!

Who uses their phone the most?

NDV: Nikita for sure.

NM: Yep, I would say me.