Van Amersfoort Racing's Amaury Cordeel is the latest driver from the Formula 2 grid to give us the low down on his crash helmet design.

With a little bit of astrology and a helping of influence from a Formula 1 champion, Cordeel goes through all of the best parts of his helmet.

"I was in the French F4 championship. My first helmet, I think it was red with the colours of my father’s company - the colour of Cordeel. It was pretty basic. I just put my initials on it. It was designed as a bit of a mix between the designer I knew and me. I just said to have ‘a bit like this, then like this and like this’ and he designed it in a nice way.

"I think I've always had a baseline with a logo in the middle. I wanted to have a wing of an eagle on both sides. Then the basic sponsors and then my star sign which is cancer for me. And then a sign for my father because he's helping me a lot my career. Then the quote ‘C’est la vie’ that's a quote from the beginning of my first race that I’ve had on the back.

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"It’s the first time I’ve had the star sign on it for this year and some nice little things on it like my father's name at the heart of it because he does a lot for me in the sport. My logo, c'est la vie, it wasn't added a long way back, some more little things, I was thinking about star signs and sometimes I read about it, seeing how I reaction to things. I searched it and I liked the logo of it on the internet. I thought it was cool to put it on my own design.

"I didn't have the smoothest career. So it was always like you have to keep going and fight for your passion and fight for what you want in life. If something happens, C’est la vie, it's life. You have to make mistakes to learn from them. That's why I've got the quote on there.

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"Last year, I had it almost fully purple. I liked it because I saw it on Lewis Hamilton's helmet and I really liked the colour so I wanted to design with purple. Last year I think it was a bit too much because it was fully purple. So I wanted to add some black and some white to it. It looks really nice, just to have some more colours. The base is white and the accents are purple so it’s not completely purple. I look up to Hamilton he’s a nice driver and I think it was a really good colour.

"The orange was to match the car, it was a nice touch because the team is Dutch and it matches a bit with the car. My father's company, the logo has always been red so it has to be red on my helmet. The orange is to match the car a little bit, it suits it nicely.

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"Alessandro designed it. I think he's now also working for Bell. he designed and Bell painted it. So I worked with Bell for a couple years now. I think they’re one of the best helmets you can get."