We dive into the paddock to take a look at the essential items for our drivers on a race weekend. From iPads and AirPods to helmets and hats and much more, we find out what they can’t travel without.

Sean Gelael is up next…

Wet wipes

The first thing is the most important thing that I have with me: wet wipes.

I think that they are essential for a good weekend. You never know when you will need them. They are just for general cleanliness, for wiping my helmet, even for on the plane: basically, for everything.

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I always bring the iPad with me. One for entertainment, two for work. In the debriefs it is really useful for writing notes. For example, after a session I can note down what is happening with the car, what I felt, and things like that.

It is linked to my phone as well, so if I don't have it on me and need to write a note, I can do that on my phone and transfer it across. It’s so simple. Entertainment wise, I am a big anime fan. I have re-watched Yu-Gi-Oh! recently, because I am a big fan of that. My girlfriend watches Jane the Virgin now as well, so I kind of have to follow that too.

Bucket Hat

I have the bucket hat with me too, which I was actually wearing before Lando Norris! Before Lando was in F2, I was already wearing them, but he has made it big now. Just putting this out there... KFC merchandise, like this bucket hat, was out on 14th December, clothes, fashion lines, accessories, everything laughs! It is only in Indonesia though, so you will have to order it online somehow. The line is actually really cool, we even have sandals.

KFC hat Full fat Coke Diet coke and Wet wipes
KFC hat, Full fat Coke, Diet coke and Wet wipes

Coca Cola

Coca Cola is very important for me, for the sugar. Some people would argue that it is not the healthiest drink, but we are all human.

I think that with the light, it is kind of useless for me. My favourite is the taste of Coca Cola in the glass bottle, with some ice and a bit of lemon, nothing can beat that. Even if you only have a sip to get your sugars up.

It is all about balance, right?

American Football

When I grew up, I was watching American sports a lot. I am a big fan of basketball, which is my number one sport outside of racing. American football is quite cool too, and this is just a handy small one which you can throw around for warm-ups.

It is something a little different. You obviously do your running and your drills for reaction times and hand-eye coordination. People all have their own preferences, and this is one of mine. Some people use balancing balls or tennis balls, or play paddle, and this is my way.

Bringing a hoop and a small basketball would be a bit difficult, so this is just easier.