Richard Verschoor takes us behind the visor and shares the details of his MP Motorsport themed lid, discussing where the initial design came from. The Dutchman speaks about the origins of the nickname on the back and explains why he likes to change things up.

“My first one was white, and I hated it,” said Verschoor. “I hated driving with a white helmet, but my dad wouldn't allow me to have a good helmet until I had gotten good results. We made a challenge that if I got a particular result, then I could have a painted helmet. It actually took me a little while to achieve because my first year in karting wasn’t great, but I got it done eventually.

“Initially I used orange, blue and white, but I didn’t design it myself, I had a designer create it for me. I have since gone with an all-matte helmet, which I really like, although it is tough to clean.

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“Personally, I like to change the design up every now and again. I always try and adapt it to suit the car as well. I think that it is important to show the team in some way, because I like to be loyal to them – I have been with (MP Motorsport) for a long time.

“There are some details on there that I really like, such as the camo effect on the back and on the front. Me and my designer, who I have now worked with for two years, spent a lot of hours on it together.

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“On the back and the sides of the helmet, you will see that it says, ‘for sure.’ This came from an interview in 2017. The commentator started asking me questions where I could answer "for sure" and it turns out the interview was a joke interview made for that reason.

“Since then, a lot of people have started calling me ‘for sure’ and it has become a nickname for me. Most people cannot pronounce my name properly, so they always pronounce it that way.”