You know his last name, but Giuliano has been working hard to perpetuate the Alesi legacy in motorsport. Now a sophomore in Formula 2 with BWT HWA RACELAB, the Frenchman gives us an insight on his roots and what it means to be part of the Ferrari family.

Name: Giuliano Alesi Date of birth: 20/09/1999

Daddy/son time

Racing style

“I’d describe my racing style as persevering. I wait for a good opportunity to do the right move on track. For sure, compared to the karting days, I’ve changed and adapted to the category in which I’m racing, and who I’m racing with. Through time. races and years, I’ve improved, changed and worked on my racing style.”

First racing memory

“It was definitely me going with my dad when he was racing in DTM with HWA at the time. Growing up, I always saw my father as an idol. I always knew who he was and what he did for a living. I always had huge respect for him. I have so much respect for what he is doing for me, for the family, for everyone he cares about and loves, and of course for what he did in his past.”

First driver briefing for Giuliano

Racing hero

“My idol has always been and will always be my father.”

Father and son - Jean and Giuliano

Favourite track on the F2 calendar

“Monaco is definitely my favourite track. I drove there last year and honestly I just enjoyed every second I spent on the track. It was so special. It’s such a mythical track in racing history. I enjoyed it a lot and I hope we will go there again soon because it was such a pleasure to drive on that track.”

Biggest racing achievement

“It’s definitely being signed and being part of the Ferrari family. I remember when I was in Formula 4 , I knew there was a possibility to be there but I knew I had to perform as best as I could. So I really tried hard to do the best that I could and do something out of the ordinary. I was really happy when I got the news that I was going to be part of the Academy. Being part of the Ferrari family is such an honour. To represent such a team, such a history is just unforgettable.”