Roy Nissany joins us for an in-depth look at his race weekend essentials. From iPads and AirPods to helmets and hats and much more, we find out what he can’t travel without.

The Trident racer talks through a selection of items which are focused on keeping his body fit, his mind sharp and his muscles in top shape.


“We’ve had a lot of triple headers this season and that means having spare time in some non-exotic destinations - such as Northampton - so you need something nice to do in between the races, which will also burn a few calories.

“I found that basketball is a good solution for that. You can go and find a court somewhere and just release some energy, without any risk taking, injury wise. I have never been that good, but I’ve always found it fun to throw a ball around.

“There is some satisfaction in making a basket that I can relate to racing somehow. It’s like making a corner well or a nice overtake.”


“The Foam roller is an important friend who comes with me to races. This is good in the morning after a night on a strong, stiff hotel bed. This helps the blood flow and always feels good.”


“My very good buddy here, the massage gun. This little fella works on the trigger points and I find it very releasing in a very efficient and quick way to relieve the muscles and make me feel brand new, between the long Friday and the race on a Saturday.

“It is always with me, and it’s powerful! I would recommend trying it, but you have to be ready for the shock.”


“This system is a very special one. It’s well known to athletes, but some people may not know what it is. The game works on the connection between the brain and the body, so just before a session, a race, or in the mornings when I want to wake up the mind.

“You can work on switching the lights on, or choosing a specific colour to focus on. It requires quick reactions to hit it, hit the correct colour or the correct letter, which means thinking combined with coordination and reactions.

“It also warms you up before racing. I use this before most sessions, it is efficient and fun. Another friend to bring with me.”