Get to know 2020 title contender Christian Lundgaard a little better, with our profile on the Renault Junior. We speak to the man himself to find out his racing memories, favourites circuits and biggest inspirations.

NAME: Christian Lundgaard DATE OF BIRTH: 23/07/2001 2020 TEAM: ART Grand Prix


“It was back when my Dad was driving. He was competing at a racetrack in Denmark and when he finished the race weekend, he was allowed to do a lap with me and my brother in the car - just a normal road car.

“At that point, I must have been five or six and my brother was eight or nine and he drove us around the track to give us a taste of what he was doing.

“I was around seven when I had my first go-kart test and I just kept doing donuts, which I am not sure my dad was so happy about, but I found the fun in it.”

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“I don’t want to unveil any secrets... I think it depends, in Qualifying, you can be more aggressive, but then in the race, you need to be quite consistent and take it easy on the tyres.

“It depends on the car balance as well. I wouldn't say that I am that aggressive, but I’m not overly safe either - I'd say I’m quite adaptable. I also think I’m good at trying to get the maximum out of what I am given.”


“Getting this far in my career. Looking back to 2014, that was my first proper international year in karting. At that point, all of this was still a childhood dream and I wanted to get to F1 day, but since then it has all happened so quickly.

“I was still karting in 2016 and then by 2020 I am in F2 and have already driven a Formula 1 car. It has been a fast and long journey, but I think I can be quite proud to get this far.”


“Ayrton Senna, Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton.

“They all have their strengths, for example, Lewis is really, really good at getting it done when it counts. While, Michael does whatever he can to make it work, if that means sacrificing a front wing or whatever then he gets it done, and I think that Ayrton had a bit of the same.

“It's about all of the small details, those small risks to get that extra point. I wouldn’t say that I am that kind of driver, but I think there is a reason why they’ve achieved what they have done. I would not be able to choose one of them, it is a mixture of the three. You have to learn from other drivers and you can obviously learn a lot from those three.

“I would not be where I am today if it weren’t for my parents. My mum has always been on the side-lines, I remember back in karting when we were getting weighed after a session and she was always the one standing on the fence as the first person you see."

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“Budapest. I just love the track.

“The whole complex of the paddock, the area, everything. The flow of the track, it is very driver dependant and it is difficult to overtake. You can make a huge difference as a driver there. I have only driven on the track three times, but I have two wins there and I would say that is kind of impressive, but I just like the place.”