FIA Formula 2: Welcome to the FIA Formula 2 Championship press conference following today’s Sprint Race at Silverstone. Joining us are race winner Maximilian Günther for BWT Arden, in second place is George Russell for ART Grand Prix and in third, Lando Norris for Carlin. Maximilian, we’ll start with you. It’s your first F2 win, and you led from lights to flag. How was it for you?

Maximilian Günther: Yeah, obviously it was a good race for me this morning, we had a good start and directly got out of the DRS range from Nyck de Vries. We were controlling pace, keeping him behind me and then as the race progressed I was able to open up the gap, especially in the last third of the race. I built a nice gap to the cars behind me, and the guys sitting next to me, they were really quick so I needed to keep pushing, keeping the pace consistent. At the end it was quite tight, but we made it and I’m very happy for this victory.

FIA Formula 2: How were the closing stages? You kept de Vries behind you for much of the race, and then you had these two gentlemen coming up behind you at great speed – were you under great stress, and were you worried about your tyres?

Maximilian: Actually, I just focused on managing the tyre situation. I think I dropped a bit more than the guys behind me, but yeah, but I could keep it clean until the end - and the race was just short enough!

FIA Formula 2: Coming to you, George, another P2 – you’ve been on the podium throughout this triple header. That was a fantastic charge, what was it like for you?

George Russell: It was a great race, and I wanted to put on a little bit of a show for yesterday’s loss of the victory, you might say. I was looking after my tyres in the early stages before attacking quite hard after about six or seven laps. I had a really nice balance with the car, I felt really confident and I knew what I needed to do to save the tyres and we had great grip in the final stages – so that helped me to close the gap up to Maxi. The team were encouraging me to fight for the win, I thought they were joking, but I only finished half a second behind them. But it was a great race, congratulations to Maxi and also to Lando, who had a great race from P10.

FIA Formula 2: As you said, you overtook a lot of cars – what was your favourite move from the race, because you had some spectacular ones?

George: I don’t know, to be honest, they were all pretty similar – I was going down the inside of turn four quite often, and it was quite a tight move with one of the Charouz cars around the outside in turn six, so probably that one as I was risking a bit with a chance that we would collide.

FIA Formula 2: Coming to you, Lando, a similar question: you had a spectacular recovery from P10 to podium – did you expect to wind up here today?

Lando Norris: Not really! I wanted to, of course, it was the aim and our race pace yesterday was good enough to be with the leaders. There was always a good chance to come through, and I knew for the majority of the people around me – maybe except George and the reverse-grid guys – that my pace was much stronger, so I just needed to get as many passes as possible in the early stage. I got past one quite quickly, but after that didn’t really get past many others when I needed to, so I just continued to push throughout, but towards the end that kind of limited me when trying to catch George in any way. But yeah, from tenth to third, I’m happy to make up for yesterday’s mistake.

FIA Formula 2: For the audience, it looked like you were attacking constantly – taking Markelov and de Vries around the outside was fantastic – was that your best move or was there another one that you preferred pulling off?

Lando Norris: That was a good one! Yeah, that one or the Fuoco overtake as that got a bit…fierce. They were both good moves, all of them were pretty good I think. Obviously to get two in one…I probably shouldn’t reveal this, but I didn’t mean to overtake Nyck until I was in the corner, so I only tried to brake around the outside of Markelov, but by the time I got to the middle of the corner I thought I could probably get Nyck as well! So that was probably the best one.

FIA Formula 2: Coming back to you, Maximilian, not only do you get your first victory but you get to win at your team’s home round. How does that feel?

Maximilian: Of course it’s special, the team’s factory is just 30 minutes away from here, and I’m spending a lot of time with the guys here and yeah, it’s good to have something like this for the whole team, for the sponsors and everyone supporting us – it’s nice to give all of them such a big result!