It was Rodin Motorsport’s Zane Maloney who set the fastest lap of the Sakhir test so far to end day two quickest. The Bajan driver hit the front in the final hour of running, logging a 1:41.501 to lead the way on Monday.

In the morning, Kush Maini put Invicta Racing on top, going quickest of the AM in the last moments of the first session with a 1:44.219.


Running got underway and everyone left their garages immediately but the first Red Flag quickly followed as Rafael Villagómez suffered a spin on the exit of Turn 2 in his Van Amersfoort Racing car.

The session got underway again but only briefly after Hitech Pulse-Eight driver Paul Aron had a similar excursion at the same location, necessitating another Red Flag to recover his car.

Back to green flag conditions, Enzo Fittipaldi set the early pace for VAR, going quickest of all on a 1:45.523. Victor Martins had been second to the Brazilian, but he took over P1 with a 1:45.073 to go comfortably fastest.

Into the final hour and it was as you were once more, with Fittipaldi improving to become the first driver to go beneath the 1:45-mark.

After a fairly quiet opening day and a half of pre-season testing, Maini put Invicta Racing top of the pile with just over five minutes to go. The Indian driver set a 1:44.219 to go quickest late on.

Hitech Pulse-Eight’s Amaury Cordeel ended up with 37 laps across the opening session, the most in the first segment of running.

Maini put in a late effort to lead the way in the morning session for Invicta Racing
Maini put in a late effort to lead the way in the morning session for Invicta Racing


Back underway in the evening session, Zane Maloney set the early pace with a 1:44.919 putting the Rodin Motorsport driver at the top of the timing screens. That was until Dennis Hauger completed a 1:44.778 to go even quicker for MP Motorsport with just under half an hour of running.

The first Red Flag of the session came shortly afterwards with Trident’s Roman Stanek coming to a stop at Turn 8.

Back to green and further improvements quickly followed from the majority out on track. Jak Crawford displaced 2023 teammate Isack Hadjar at the top, before Fittipaldi went one better and lowered the time to beat to a 1:44.135.

Hauger was next to leap up the timing sheets, going second before Maloney returned to the top spot with one and a half hours left.

Heading into the final hour and Hadjar restored Campos Racing to the front, laying down multiple fastest laps to lower the benchmark to 1:41.921.

Crawford improved to close the gap to just 0.024s as he became the next driver into the 41s before Fittipaldi leapt up to P1 on a 1:41.830.

The target was smashed once again though, with Maloney going quicker still to lead on a 1:41.501 in the Rodin #5.

There were several more improvements, but nobody could go faster than the Boy from Barbados, who ended Day 2 on top after a Red Flag for a stopped Zak O’Sullivan brought an early end to the session by only a handful of minutes.

While Hadjar ended up fourth in the end, he will be happy with the 42 laps he completed, making him the busiest driver under the floodlights.

Day three commences at 11:45 local time.


1Kush MainiINDInvicta Racing1:44.21927
2Enzo FittipaldiBRAVan Amersfoort Racing1:44.83929
3Victor MartinsFRAART Grand Prix1:45.07330
4Zak O’SullivanGBRART Grand Prix1:45.53732
5Jak CrawfordUSADAMS Lucas Oil1:45.70028
6Isack HadjarFRACampos Racing1:45.90222
7Dennis HaugerNORMP Motorsport1:45.98526
8Zane MaloneyBRBRodin Motorsport1:45.99932
9Gabriel BortoletoBRAInvicta Racing1:46.03136
10Andrea Kimi AntonelliITAPREMA Racing1:46.06131
11Oliver BearmanGBRPREMA Racing1:46.14830
12Richard VerschoorNLDTrident1:46.17919
13Joshua DuerksenPRYPHM AIX Racing1:46.31326
14Juan Manuel CorreaUSADAMS Lucas Oil1:46.40827
15Ritomo MiyataJPNRodin Motorsport1:46.51134
16Rafael VillagómezMEXVan Amersfoort Racing1:46.56226
17Roman StanekCZETrident1:46.61021
18Franco ColapintoARGMP Motorsport1:46.64129
19Taylor BarnardGBRPHM AIX Racing1:47.53217
20Amaury CordeelBELHitech Pulse-Eight1:49.01537
21Paul AronESTHitech Pulse-Eight1:49.32126
22Josep María MartíESPCampos Racing2:38.8076


1Zane MaloneyBRBRodin Motorsport1:41.50131
2Jak CrawfordUSADAMS Lucas Oil1:41.62629
3Enzo FittipaldiBRAVan Amersfoort Racing1:41.73533
4Isack HadjarFRACampos Racing1:41.92142
5Kush MainiINDInvicta Racing1:41.98225
6Gabriel BortoletoBRAInvicta Racing1:42.14935
7Zak O’SullivanGBRART Grand Prix1:42.16230
8Victor MartinsFRAART Grand Prix1:42.17228
9Juan Manuel CorreaUSADAMS Lucas Oil1:42.29432
10Franco ColapintoARGMP Motorsport1:42.31326
11Dennis HaugerNORMP Motorsport1:42.31526
12Ritomo MiyataJPNRodin Motorsport1:42.42034
13Richard VerschoorNLDTrident1:42.43526
14Josep María MartíESPCampos Racing1:42.53923
15Rafael VillagómezMEXVan Amersfoort Racing1:42.63634
16Amaury CordeelBELHitech Pulse-Eight1:42.65928
17Taylor BarnardGBRPHM AIX Racing1:42.79328
18Paul AronESTHitech Pulse-Eight1:42.86629
19Joshua DuerksenPRYPHM AIX Racing1:43.04327
20Oliver BearmanGBRPREMA Racing1:43.71229
21Andrea Kimi AntonelliITAPREMA Racing1:44.58520
22Roman StanekCZETrident2:00.78711