ART Grand Prix’ Christian Lundgaard has been the standout performer in pre-season testing so far in Sakhir, running second and first fastest on Days 1 and 2, but the Alpine junior says he wants to go “even faster,” on the final day.

Heading into his second season of F2, the 19-year-old is looking to build on a very promising debut campaign in the second tier. Scoring six podiums and two wins, Lundgaard’s only real downfall in 2020 was consistency.

By sticking with the same team in 2021, the Dane believes he’s giving himself the best possible chance to put this right.

“I know everyone in the team. I know how they work, and we know where we need to improve - that will be the biggest benefit,” said Lundgaard. “We know each other’s weaknesses and each other’s strengths, and we are ready to work on these together.

“I have got the same engineers, the same mechanics, so it is basically the same team and I think that is something we can turn into a positive.”

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Finishing in the top two on the opening two days of pre-season is about as consistent as Lundgaard could have gotten at this stage of the season, and while he knows testing results count for little, he’s delighted with the work that his team have done behind the scenes as well.

“In general, I think there is always more to find, there always will be, but we are learning, and we are getting faster and that’s the reason why we’re here,” he continued. “We have learned some interesting stuff, all in a positive way, learning what does work and what doesn't work.

“So far, I think that we’ve managed to get some good performance out of the car on both days, but everyone is on different strategies. You can be P1 or you can be P Last, and still have had a good day. Testing is always testing.”

Despite this, Lundgaard said his goal for the final day would still be to go “even faster.”