A charity evening was held in Jakarta on Monday, where Pertamina Prema Theodore Racing driver Sean Gelael's and McLaren F1 Team driver Stoffel Vandoorne's racing gear went to auction.

The event, organised by Team Jagonya Ayam and called "Love for Lombok", succesfully gathered money to be donated to the victims of the disastrous earthquakes in Indonesia's Nusa Tenggara Barat province.

Vandoorne’s gear was the first to go under the hammer, and the 2015 GP2 Series Champion put the balaclava he wore in the Singapore Grand Prix up for auction alongside the helmet he wore at this year's opening race in Melbourne, which he wore en route to two points.

The Belgian driver’s helmet was priced at 410 million rupiahs (€23,600), bringing the total raised from Vandoorne's seven items up to 755 million rupiahs - which equals €43,590.

"When I heard of my friend Sean's idea to hold an auction to raise money for the people of Lombok who have lost everything, I also wanted to help in some way," said Vandoorne, who was unable to attend the event. "I promise to come to Jakarta after the Formula 1 season to hopefully meet the successful bidders of my racing gear and clothing to say thank you."

Gelael also gave away seven items, from the overalls he wore on his FIA Formula 2 Monaco Feature Race podium finish this year, along with his helmet from his outings in Formula 1 Free Practice sessions last season.

The helmet was the last to be auctioned, fetching 1 billion rupiahs - or €57,700 euros.

Overall, the money gathered from the auction reached 3 billion rupiahs (173,200 euros) and, with the addition of money donated at the event, 4.1 billion rupiahs (236,700 euros) was collected to be donated to the Program 1000 Guru - or One Thousand Teachers Program.

"I love Indonesia, my country and I love Lombok,” said Gelael. “I first heard about the earthquakes around the Hungaroring round, and sadly the disaster continued. I had no time then to hold the charity event, but we finally have it now. Hopefully these donations could not only help the people of Lombok, but also help them to bounce back in the future.”