In preparation for taking on the more demanding and physical Formula 2 machinery, Calan Williams said he’s been undergoing an intense training programme to improve his upper body and neck strength.

The Formula 3 podium finisher spent all three days of post-season testing with Trident on the back of his second season of F3 with Jenzer Motorsport and was pleased to find his training paid off.

“Coming into F2 from F3, everything is a lot heavier. The steering requires more effort, and I said to the team that I didn't even notice it,” said Williams, who finished as the second-fastest rookie of the afternoon session on Day 1. “I think that is a really positive sign, and that’s because of the work I’ve been doing on my upper body strength and on my neck.

“I did a long-race run and that felt okay. Everything has been really promising so far, but I will continue to work. This isn't the most physical track, it is certainly up there, but it isn't the most physical track, so I can’t allow myself to take a false sense of security from feeling okay here.

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WIlliams drove for Trident in post-season testing
WIlliams drove for Trident in post-season testing

“There is still a lot to learn but I think the way that I’ve progressed is promising. My goal was to learn as much about the car as I possibly can because it is such a different machine in so many ways.”

Williams – who managed three top 10 finishes with Jenzer in 2021, including a podium at Le Castellet - is yet to sign on for a season in F2, but remains hopeful of securing a seat.

And if he does manage to find his way onto the grid, then he believes the three-day stint at Yas Marina will be key given how much there is for him to learn.

“Everything is completely new to me. New team, new car, new track, new larger tyres,” said Williams. “There is a lot to learn. Even the brakes are massively different, so I am happy.

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Williams scored three top 10 finishes in F3 including a podium at Le Castellet
Williams scored three top 10 finishes in F3, including a podium at Le Castellet

“I know where I can improve and there are still improvements to come. I was expecting the cornering and the power with the turbo to be the biggest difference, but it is actually the brakes.

“The carbon brakes are really sensitive to the temperature. If they are not up to temperature, then you have no brakes. In F3, you can just hit the brakes and it works. The power in the brakes when they are at temperature is massive. It's amazing.”