Returning to the site of his first Formula 2 podium, Roy Nissany says his performance there last season is a source of encouragement as he strives to make Monte Carlo home to another first – his maiden victory in the Championship.

“It gives me a confidence boost because the capability is there,” he remarked. “We know very well what needs to be done on this track. It’s a good feeling, but at the end, it will be very competitive - I just need to do the job right.”

The start to his 2022 campaign has been slightly bittersweet for the DAMS’ driver. Nissany is one of only seven drivers to have scored points in every round so far, but a mistake whilst leading the Imola Feature Race cost him a shot at his first F2 victory.

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Despite the setbacks, Nissany’s fully focused on the challenge ahead and is setting his aspirations high, noting that although he’s had an okay start, he’s hungry for more.

“We got points at every weekend, which is great but not enough. I think seeing the potential we had in Imola and the mistake I made is very, very bitter – maybe a bit sweet too because we put our potential on paper but failed to finish the job.

“In Barcelona, the race pace was similar in terms of ability, but (I had) a very bad Qualifying in relation to the other drivers. At the end, the gap was very small between everybody, but I couldn't make the lap work. It could have been tyre temperatures or any other minor things. When they get so small, you can always combine a few little things that will make a huge difference. I think we know what we're doing very, very well. I feel much more confident this season, but obviously I want more.”

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Speaking ahead of the fifth round, Nissany believes he’s prepared for the challenge that racing around the Principality poses and is eager to get up to speed quickly.

“It’s riding a bicycle around your living room - a very expensive bicycle and one that you want to be driving fast and not destroy, taking it to the limit without going over it. You have a very narrow window to perform at a very high level. So, the task is not only to drive fast, but also to be fast very quickly without overdoing it.

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“(Monaco’s) Absolutely amazing. The city is basically made for this, it's the centre of the world for prestige and it's so well known. The fact that we get the chance to drive on this weekend is remarkable. It just shows that the level that we are competing in the motorsport world is so high and I want to make the best out of it.”