We went behind the visor with Mick Schumacher, to discuss the design of his helmet and delve into the back-story of where it all began.

The PREMA driver discusses the various guises of helmet throughout his young career, the links to his father, and how they settled on his current design.

“The base design I have had since 2013, but the helmet has changed a bit since. The design and the shape have always remained, but the colours have changed.

“This year, we have added the German flag on the side, which is obviously historical for us - my Dad was driving with it in the beginning of his career and also at the beginning with Ferrari. I found that to be a good addition, I liked it, and it brought this retro design back a bit.

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“The very top of the helmet is also the same as my Dad's, as we have the seven stars there. The seven stars were on the top of the helmet before the seven world titles, so it was just a coincidence - it was a prophecy in a way. They are very symbolic to me, I like to carry them around and carry them throughout my career. I have also added my logo to the top as well.

“We have put the carbon piece on there so that we can see that the helmet is made out of carbon, but that is only visible if you are close up. When I am in the car, you do not really see that.

“The front, for us, is the main part. The reason why we went for this colour is so that people can recognise me as quickly as possible when I am in the car. If a driver looks in his mirrors, then they will see that I am behind them and they will act a bit differently. Getting nervous, making mistakes laughs.

“I have done this since karting, so the design has really been there since that time. Also in karting, it was so that people could see me from the outside, like my mechanic for example, and also so that my Dad could see me.

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“Schuberth are always giving me great helmets, the best that I have driven in. I am always feeling good in them and it is important that you are feeling comfortable when you are in the car, especially your head when the helmet is on, because that is where you function from and you have to think a lot.

“I think that the style has always been similar to what my Dad has done. The 2000's are really the years which I like, and the years that I was sort of targeting with it. I tried a few different styles in the beginning of my career: My very first helmet was blue, and then we had some flames on the side and Spiderman on the back. That was when I was very young, around eight-years-old.

“Then, it went towards the more recent design, which is where the front part of my current helmet comes from. I saw a different driver’s helmet and I liked the shape, so I went towards that. I didn't feel that I wanted to keep that long term though, so we decided together with my Dad that we were going to the design that you see now, which has remained since 2013. I am still happy with it and I am sure that it is going to stay for a lot longer.

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“We’ve got a great relationship with Ferrari and I am very happy that I can carry them around on my car and on my helmet, I am very thankful for that. There are also some other partners’ logos on it.

“I design my helmets with JMD and it’s fantastic work every time, even if we have a late call, he is able to get it ready and they are always the best quality that you can get.”