We sat down with Bent Viscaal to discuss his greatest influences. The Trident racer looked back over the people (and Formula 1 teams) who have inspired and impacted him throughout his fledging motorsport career.


“It was my dad and my grandfather who infected me with the racing bug. They brought me my first go-kart when I was five because I really wanted one and it all started from there. Their passion for racing and competitive sports was my greatest influence.

“My father competed in super karts around Europe, but not at a high level. He was passionate for the sport though and that influenced me. Whenever they can come to races, they do.

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“As a racing influence, I would say Brawn GP. The season when Jenson Button won the championship with them was the first season that I really got into Formula 1, and I really enjoyed it - it was such a surprise and no one expected them to win.

“Watching that season had a real impact on me. The way the car looked, with the white and the fluorescent yellow stripes, was really cool. That inspired me try and kart at a higher level, and I think that it was the following year that I won my first championship in the Netherlands.”

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“Kobe Bryant is a sportsman who fascinates me: his approach to the game, his mentality and the level of detail he puts in. He is working hard every day and I think that has influenced me recently.

“I am not a basketball fan really, but I am a Kobe Bryant fan. I have read his book, watched documentaries on him and listened to podcasts and have started to become more interested in basketball because of that. More than anything, it is his mentality and how he approaches the game. I think everybody can learn from a guy like him.”