We went behind the visor with Jehan Daruvala to discuss the design of his helmet and delve into the back story of where it all began.

The Red Bull junior discusses the religious theme to his helmet and the Indian colour scheme.

“I am a part of the Red Bull Junior Team, so we have to have the Red Bull logo on either side of the helmet,” he explained. “Otherwise, we have the freedom to do what we want with our helmets.

“I usually work with our designers and give them the ideas that I have and from there, they will create four or five concepts and I will chose my favourite out of those, or I will combine them all.

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“As well as the Red Bull logos, I have got my surname on either side and my initials on the back, which use Indian colours. I have used those colours, orange, white and green, across the whole helmet.

“My religion is Zoroastrianism and on the back of the helmet I have our symbol, which is an eagle called an Faravahar. My mum likes me to have this on there for good luck, because he is my guardian and he looks after me.”