We hand the reins over to Christian Lundgaard who crafts a new addition to the FIA Formula 2 calendar. Choosing everything from the country, to the celebrities that he would invite, the ART ace creates a new race weekend.

Where would the race be held?

Obviously, Denmark - classic!

I don't want to go with a street circuit, so I’d stick to a track. I was born in a city called Vejle and I live 10 minutes away from there now with my Dad, my brother and my girlfriend. Building my own racetrack in my backyard there would be nice! I think my brother would use the track to be honest, he used to race himself.

How would the track be laid out?

I think that I would start with the first corner of Spa-Francorchamps, with Raidillon and Eau Rouge, and then I would have a Monza Turn 1 after that, as the third turn. Following that, I would take Abu Dhabi's Turn 17 as a right-hander, after starting 15/16 as a left-hander, and then going in under the hotel.

My favourite track is Budapest, so I think I should go with something from there. I would probably take Turn 11, I think, the fast right-hander, and then after that go straight into the slow chicane, from Budapest.

I now don't know where we are track wise... But we should end up with something pretty good! We need a long straight, I think I will take Abu Dhabi's really long straight just to make it interesting. Then, to make it extremely interesting, we will take Turn 7 of Abu Dhabi as the end of the straight, as a hairpin. That would make it, well, almost dangerous, but we’d be careful so let’s do that...

Then I think we also need the last two corners of the Red Bull Ring, that is a must. We would go through those corners and into Maggots and Becketts of Silverstone. I would finish it off with Stowe as well, as the very last corner and then we will have another straight to finish off. I think the track is complete... I hope it is anyway, I don't know, I didn't really keep track of where we have ended up, but it sounds good!

In terms of what is going on around the track, I like the setting here in Abu Dhabi, it looks expensive, but as a favourite track, I would take all of the facilities from Budapest. I like the track in general, the whole compound.

Day or night race?

In Denmark it isn't very warm, so I think that it has to be during the day.

Wet or dry race?

I would always take dry if I could.

Which celebrity would attend the event?

If we could choose anyone dead or alive, I’d say Aytron Senna.

I’d also love to have Michael Schumacher there too.