Two-Way Battle

Since the start of the season, DAMS and UNI-Virtuosi Racing have been two forces to reckon with on the grid. The French team have scored points in every single race so far whilst the British squad have only failed at one race (the Baku Sprint Race). DAMS have never qualified outside of the top ten and UNI-Virtuosi have claimed 3 pole positions out of 7 and even secured a front row lock-up at Silverstone. They have amassed 10 podium finishes each. Both of their drivers are consistently scoring valuable points. It’s no wonder they are starring in the Teams’ Championship with DAMS leading Virtuosi by 33 points. There are ten races left on the calendar. I am interested to see if they can keep the momentum.

Crowd Pleaser

There were many reasons for fans to be pleased last weekend at Silverstone: firstly, Guanyu Zhou made history by becoming the first Chinese driver to claim pole position in Formula 2, but he is also the first rookie to do so this season. He did not transform it into a maiden victory, but he has displayed great speed and a solid drive since the start of the season. I am convinced he will win before the campaign ends.

Moreover, Luca Ghiotto took his very first Feature Race win at this level. He had been chasing after it for some time. By doing so, British team UNI-Virtuosi were victorious on home soil which was fantastic for the crowd. The many locals attending the race were in for another treat on Sunday morning after countryman Jack Aitken sprinted to the chequered flag. Just like Anthoine Hubert did by winning the Sprint Race in France, it would seem that racing at home gives an extra boost to the local heroes!

19 Car Grid

For the first time in the history of Formula 2, the starting grid was only made up of 19 cars following the decision of Sean Gelael to withdraw from the event on Saturday. It’s never the promoter’s place to give an opinion on the Steward’s decisions. However, I can only regret the way Sean’s penalty was revised at the last minute just ahead of the Feature Race. I can fully understand Sean’s frustration and reaction. I can only hope that he will return to the grid to finish the season as he and his family have been an important part of this category for the past four years.