Sean Gelael will drop five places on today’s Formula 2 Feature Race grid after it was found that the DAMS’ Car 1 did not have the correct number of tyres to comply with the Sporting Regulation in relation to Race 1.

The Stewards determined that in the course of the sessions prior to Saturday’s race, Car 1 rendered the left rear tyres of both “option” compound sets of tyres unusable for safety reasons, as certified by the tyre supplier Pirelli. This was deemed by the Stewards to be not for reasons of force majeure. As such, Car 1 is not able to comply with SR 24.15 for today’s race. The Stewards have directed the tyre supplier to provide a new “option” left tyre to Car 1.

As a consequence, Gelael who had qualified P15, will now start from P20.