He may have only just completed his first full day, but MP Motorsport rookie Richard Verschoor already has the Formula 2 bug. Finishing in fifth as the highest placed rookie in his first Qualifying session, Verschoor is excited to get his teeth stuck into the intricacies of an F2 race.

Rising up from Formula 3, Verschoor is yet to experience the strategy involved in F2’s Feature Races, which include multiple tyre stints and pit stops. But before any of that, he’s got Saturday’s Sprint Race 1 to focus on – and he will be starting from a solid vantage point after an impressive qualifying stint.

Although, like any racing driver – he was left wanting more.

“To finish as the best rookie is not too bad, I am pretty pleased,” said Verschoor. “Admittedly, I do feel a bit frustrated because I made a mistake during my fastest lap that lost me four or five tenths – so I feel like I had more to give.

“The car was great to drive. It is so easy to over push though, I think you probably saw that I had a few big snaps, but it is a fantastic car and it’s really quick.

“I am really happy with how the team have approached everything. I didn’t always have the greatest pace in the tests, or in Free Practice today, but the team kept really calm and trusted me and that was really nice. Remaining calm at all times in F2 is really important and I think that showed today.”

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Finishing sixth on track, Verschoor was promoted to fifth after Jüri Vips was disqualified for a breach of technical regulations.

Finishing ahead of all of his 2020 F3 rivals, Verschoor is confident he can make up a few places in the Sprint Races, before tackling the main event on Sunday.

“Everyone has the same goal,” continued Verschoor. “Going off the pre-season tests we did here, our race pace should be really good. If we can stay calm at the beginning of the races and just look to stay where we are in the first few laps, then I think we can get a couple of places.

“I am really excited for the Feature Race to be honest. I want to experience pit stops and the added tyre management. I’m looking forward to getting a go on the softs in the race, I feel like we are really strong on them. I think the starts will be difficult, but it will be fun.”