Get to know 2020 Formula 2 Champion Mick Schumacher a little better, as we dive into his first racing memories, his biggest achievement to date and ask him about his driving style.

NAME: Mick Schumacher DATE OF BIRTH: 22/03/1999 TEAM: PREMA Racing


“I know my first race was in Spain in an academy series. Basically, all the drivers had the same suits, same gloves, boots... and the same go kart. They'd basically get a go kart, put it there, and I would drive it. It was a very unique class where everybody was driving the same material and where everybody could experience their first racing approaches.

“To be honest, I know that was my first race, but I don't really remember it that well. I think I was probably top eight or something like that. I'm not quite sure. I remember it wasn't the first round of the season, so the guys had done some rounds already. I was freshly into it, so I think for that it wasn't too bad.”


“I would say that’s personal! Everybody has their own way of handling the car. Everybody has their own preferences when driving. I would say that everybody just has to find their own way to be fast. For me that's my car, that's my secret, and I think that's the same for everybody else.”

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“Considering most achievements come with championships, I would say that the F3 up to now has been the most successful for me. I am speaking ahead of the F2 season finale though, so hopefully my answer to this question might be different in two weeks’ time!”


“My dad. Because he's the best. Pretty simple.”


“All-time favourite is Spa. I think the most fun to drive would probably be Macau. I think Macau has been a crazy track to drive on. It was my first experience in 2018, but I went twice actually. 2017 and 2018. Both were crazy. It's a crazy event.

“It's a shame it didn't happen this year. It would have been fun to watch it. Nevertheless, on the racing calendar it's definitely Spa. My favourite track to drive on. It's so technical and interesting. The philosophy behind the circuit, and also the history behind the circuit, is just something that is so fun and fascinating to me.”