Richard Verschoor has received two time penalties, totalling 30 seconds, for failing to serve a time penalty correctly during Round 10’s Sprint Race in Budapest.

Whilst the Dutch driver stopped in his pit box with the intention to serve a both a five and a 10-second time penalty issued earlier in the race, the rear jack man immediately engaged the rear of the car to raise it up - which is a violation of the time penalty procedure. He was then waved off and disengaged the jack from the car. However, due to a team error, Trident then failed to wait the mandatory 15 seconds before changing his tyres.

The Stewards judged that the five second penalty was served correctly, but the 10-second penalty was not and has been added to Verschoor’s elapsed time. In addition, a drive through penalty has been awarded for breaching the procedures for serving time penalties, which has been converted to a 20-second time penalty.

Verschoor had finished in P16, but his penalty demotes him to P18.

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