With two rounds of the season to go, we spoke to some of the title contenders to get their favourite moment of the season so far.

Robert Shwartzman, Oscar Piastri, Guanyu Zhou and Théo Pourchaire all took their pick, choosing a selection of emphatic and powerful moments, from unlikely victories to inspired comebacks and historic moments.


“There have been a lot of good moments this year but I think the most memorable one so far was the win in Bahrain. I wouldn’t say it was my best performance of the year, I think the Monza and Sochi wins were much more complete and I feel like I deserved those two a bit more, but the Bahrain win was probably the most exciting win that I have had in my entire racing career.

“It was kind of fortunate with the safety car timing that we came in and put the soft tyres on. It kind of gave me a second opportunity to make some progress and after the safety car restart, I was like sixth or seventh or even a bit further back, I had to pass everyone for the win in the last five laps or so and it came down to the last lap between me, Joe (Guanyu Zhou) and Christian (Lundgaard).

Piastri on the podium after his Sprint Race 2 win in Sakhir
Piastri on the podium after his Sprint Race 2 win in Sakhir

“It was only my second F2 race so a lot was going on, so I think just the emotion I had when I crossed the finish line for that race was just nuts. I think I was going crazy inside my helmet and normally my personality is pretty relaxed and controlled as it is but I couldn’t really contain it from that win so I think that’s definitely the most memorable one.

“That one sticks out as my favourite moment among many other good moments I would say.”


“It has to be the Bahrain Feature Race. That wasn't an easy one. We had the perfect Friday, getting pole position in Qualifying. On Saturday, we were leading Sprint Race 2 until the Safety Car came out, everyone changed their tyres and I finished P3, which I was a little bit upset with.

“We had the Sunday race to get a win, thankfully, but it didn't really go to plan either. We risked the strategy, started on hard tyres, and lost the lead straight away. The main focus from there was to keep it together and be in the pack.

Guanyu Zhou crossing the line first in the Sakhir Feature Race
Guanyu Zhou crossing the line first in the Sakhir Feature Race

“We did a pit stop and as soon as we pitted, the next lap there was a Safety Car and I was just thinking 'no, it cannot be happening again!' it had happened in the Sprint Race 2 and I could just see it going the same way.

“I was P6 or P7 afterwards, second in our strategy, so I knew that it was possible, but it wouldn't be easy or straightforward. I would have to really force myself with three or four laps to go to take the lead. With people chasing me down, I would need to give it everything I had. So that was a very tough, hard-fought victory for me. It was my first Feature Race victory and it felt amazing, it was a huge relief.”


“My favourite moment of the season would be my first win this year in Baku, it was nice to get back on the first step of the podium, especially after two tough first rounds of the season.

“I liked the track a lot and I also liked the atmosphere of the city so it felt like a special moment. At this stage, this is the best moment yet but I really hope the absolute best is still to come.

Shwartzman celebrating his Sprint Race 1 win in baku
Shwartzman celebrating his Sprint Race 1 win in baku

“We have two more rounds left this season and I want to end it on a high, it will for sure be very emotional for different reasons and this is also why nothing would make me happier than getting a great season-ending.”


“I think you know what it is - Monaco. This was an incredible moment, I think that it has changed my life a bit. I remember that I went to the track on the Tuesday from my home, only half an hour in the car, and there was a special atmosphere. A lot of people were there to build the track, my team, ART Grand Prix were there too.

“It was strange. On a normal day, I know Monaco a lot, but not for the Grand Prix, it was the first time that I was driving there. The first time that I drove on the track in Free Practice, I was so impressed by everything, the track is beautiful, it is so special. On television, people cannot understand what it is like to drive in Monaco. The track is so dangerous, but so beautiful.

“In Free Practice, I was so scared of hitting the wall. It went pretty well and then after that, I did pole position, a crazy pole position, by more than four-tenths. I was so proud of that, the lap was amazing. We also got to try Monaco in wet conditions, which was fun, but really difficult. It required a lot of concentration to not hit the wall. It was a good experience.

Pourchaire after his Feature Race win at Monaco
Pourchaire after his Feature Race win at Monaco

“I had a lot of stress in the Feature Race, I knew that I needed to win. The only result that you want in Monaco is P1. The start was okay, although Shwartzman got a better start than me, but I managed my pace, and the team did an incredible pit stop. We won and I became the youngest ever F2 race winner, as well as the youngest pole-sitter.

“I could see a lot of people looking at me differently, which was quite strange. I am still the same Theo Pourchaire. I will remember that weekend all of my life, it was amazing to win in Monaco. The best moment of my life, so the best moment of the year so far."