As the reigning Formula 3 Champion, PREMA’s Oscar Piastri has already enjoyed plenty of success in his fledging career, but who has had the greatest influence on him?

We sat down with the Aussie ace to discuss the people who have played a part in his journey to date. From family to Formula 1 drivers, he discusses who has been key.


“My first one would be my dad, Chris Piastri. Me and my dad started karting together back when I was a child. Dad would take me to all of my races and was my mechanic, back when I was competing in Australia.

“My dad was the person who introduced me to go karts and he was definitely the first influence in my career, and I would say that he is probably still the biggest as well.”

Piastri stepped up to Formula 2 with PREMA, on the back of winning Formula 3


“I would have to say, Mark Webber. Mark is now my manager, so he has got quite a big direct influence on my career, but back when I started watching F1, he was with Red Bull and he was fighting for Championships.

“As an Aussie, I naturally gravitated towards him. He was the only Australian driver on the grid at the time, so as well as being my manager, he has been an influence on my career in other ways as well, for much longer.”

Piastri is managed by former F1 driver Mark Webber


“James Sera pretty much mentored me throughout my entire karting career back in Australia. It was my dad who got me involved in karting, but James was a massive help along the way.

“James won a few things back in Australia himself, four or five Australian karting Championships, so he knew what it took, and he guided me through those days. He was the one, along with my dad, who helped me to get my first success in karting.”