We sat down with Jehan Daruvala to discuss his greatest influences. The Carlin racer looked back over the people who have inspired and impacted him throughout his fledging motorsport career.


“They are my greatest influences. They’ve always supported me. Whether I win or lose, they’re always there. I think that my parents have brought me up to be a nice individual and they’ve had the biggest influence on me.

“My family haven't been able to come to many events recently because of the COVID-19 restrictions, but they usually would come to a lot of them. They actually brought tickets and went to Monaco as fans.”

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“Fernando Alonso would be my biggest motor racing influence. I started watching Formula 1 when I was around seven or eight and it was when he won the Championships with Renault.

“I have followed him since then, at McLaren and at Ferrari with Sebastian Vettel. Even when he hasn't had the best car, he has always brought the maximum out of it. The main thing for me is his ability to always get the maximum out of it.”

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“The Indian Cricket captain. He's a global superstar now and has worked hard to get to where he is. He’s got the right attitude, he’s very competitive on the field, but also a really nice individual off the field.

“He has an aggressive mentality on the field and does whatever he can do to win. That’s how we are built as sports people, but then once the game is done, whether he has won or lost, he accepts the result, looks at what he has done well, what he hasn't done well and where he can improve. He is the best player in the world for me.”