With some design input from his Trident team and a new sticker that has become a favourite part of the helmet for Roman Stanek.

Here is how the Trident driver came up with the design and how Team Manager Giacomo Ricci had his input on the design too.

“So I settled on this design when I was in go karts, and I wanted something that is my own. I made this ‘S’, and it also looks like a five from the other angle. When I was racing in go karts, during my first year in 2014, my racing number was five, so I kind of mixed it so it's an ‘S’ and a five.

“That's basically the design I’ve had since. I kept it very simple for this year because Giacomo told me all the guys, they have a big mess on their helmets and so we kept it simple. We put the Trident colours, which are also Czech colours, red, white and blue. Then there is my sponsors and I also have my three dogs. Because my father is living in Italy in a place called Corsanico. There is a big mountain and I have three dogs: Lucky, Marty and Ben. I hope they will bring me more luck than so far this year.

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“Yeah, they changed a bit but not too much I have to say. I used to have some black, but I always had the blue, red and white for the Czech colours.

“To be honest, it’s simple but I like the ‘S’. I like that when you look at the helmet from the side, the ‘S’ stands out. Then I like the stickers, they’ve been on the helmet since Jeddah so Round 2 this year.

“I wasn’t in go karts, but once I jumped to single seaters, I've been with Bell and I love it. I like them a lot because it's very comfortable and it keeps you secure. They also painted the helmet too.

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“I would absolutely do a special version, yes. I actually wanted to do one for Monaco but didn’t because it would have been quite tight with the timings and turnaround for one. But maybe I will do one for the last race you know, maybe it will be my last race Trident or maybe it will be my last race in F2, who knows? I would do something crazy!

“I’d go completely crazy. I will put everything that I like on it, so I would have spaghetti, coffee, bicycle, race cars, Ferrari! I think it's good though, because a lot of helmets now are so busy, but they're very generic. Yeah. Whereas this one is simple and it stands out and a special one would be something different.”

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