As Théo Pourchaire wanders around the streets of Paris at the end of episode two of Chasing the Dream season three, with the Eiffel Tower in the background, we get a truer sense of the man behind the visor than we’ve gotten to see before.

Seeing him relaxed and at ease in his home country, away from the trials and tribulations of a race weekend, it provides an interesting comparison to the rest of the episode, when we see him in the midst of the biggest weekend of his season.

We spoke to the lead protagonist of Episode 2 prior to the release of the third season of F2’s docuseries to get his thoughts on its filming, which followed Pourchaire around Monaco as he became the Championship’s youngest ever polesitter and race winner.

“I am excited to see the documentary because I don't remember everything about Monaco and that will be amazing to see again,” said Pourchaire. “It was amazing that Rory (Child – Chasing The Dream Producer and Director) was with me that weekend because it was the most beautiful moment of my season.”

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Episode 2 follows Pourchaire at Monaco
Episode 2 follows Pourchaire at Monaco

The episode begins with a trip to ART Grand Prix’s factory in Villeneuve-la-Guyard, France, before skipping ahead to Round 2 in Monte Carlo, where we see Pourchaire take pole around the streets of the principality.

It then follows all of the build-up to his historic Feature Race win, including a visit to his home as he has breakfast with his sister, Pauline, the morning after taking pole.

“I think it will be funny to watch, seeing my family in the episode, watching how I was in the morning after,” he continued. “It will be quite strange, but I’m really looking forward to it, in particular, to see how I acted with the stress because the stress was really intense that weekend.

“Getting pole in Monaco, my first pole in F2, I want to see myself and see how I was with my family and the people around me, and how I spoke to the camera. Maybe I can improve myself from watching this episode.”

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Pourchaire became the youngest F2 polesitter in Monaco
Pourchaire became the youngest F2 polesitter in Monaco

All of the build-up leads to Pourchaire’s famous victory in the Feature Race and the emotional scenes afterwards as he celebrates with his family and his team.

From lifting the P1 board in delight to carrying around the French flag with his father by his side as he strode back to the F2 paddock, surrounded by fans.

“It will be very special - my dad was so happy,” said Pourchaire. “I don't remember what was filmed exactly, so I am impatient to watch it from another perspective. I was in my own body, jumping on my car celebrating, and everything happened so fast.

“I am excited to see the reaction of the mechanics and engineers and the team members. My family are looking forward to it too. I think it will be funny to watch together and a reminder for us of that weekend that we will have forever.”

The episode also features a day trip to Paris and a glimpse at what Pourchaire is like away from the stresses and expectations of a race weekend.

“Fans know me almost only at the racetrack, so it will be important to show them what I am like away from the track. I am not just a racing driver, I am a normal human being, doing normal things, even though I don't have a classic life.

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Pourchaire became the youngest F2 race winner in Monaco
Pourchaire became the youngest F2 race winner in Monaco

“Me, Rory and Alexa (Quintin – Head of Media and Communications for F2) had a good time together in Paris, speaking next to the Eiffel Tower. It was a time with no stress, just having fun with some friends. It will be nice to watch because I will be able to compare myself at that moment to how I was before a race. I do think I can learn from that.”

All six episodes of the third season of Chasing the Dream are available now, exclusively for a limited time on F1TV Access and Pro.