__We went behind the visor with Sean Gelael, to discuss the design of his helmet and delve into the back-story of where it all began.

The PREMA driver discusses his chicken inspired helmet and why he likes to mix things up.
__ “It’s quite self-explanatory, really. Basically, It’s a bucket hat.

“I wanted the colours to be red and white, one, because it is the PREMA colours, and two, because it is the colours of the Indonesian flag. It is also the same colours as KFC, so everything kind of gelled together.

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“I wanted to do something different, because my helmets have always been different. My first year of F2 was completely graffiti based, and then I went to a shoe design, and now I have gone for something that is a bit funnier, but could last longer. Basically, it is a KFC bucket, with a 12-piece chicken inside of it.

“I think that it is quite cool, and when you drive, the red and the white still pops out. I think that the chicken on top, if you look at it from far away, kind of looks like a brain, which is a bit cringey laughs. I think that when it is close up, it is cool though.

“Some drivers always have the same style of helmet and don't change, whereas for me, I just tend to keep the Gelaelized on the side there, but change the overall design - I like to explore new things in a helmet. With Gelaelized, I stuck it on my first helmet and now I would feel bad if I took it out. It is like one of those emails that you made as a kid and you wish you had changed, but in the end, you just own it.

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“It is different for sure, but I think it is nice. It uses similar colours and everything gels together. It's simple, but complex, I think that is what is cool about it.

“Design wise, I have moved to Bell for this season, with a young guy called Kenny. He helped design everything. He was a little bit shocked at first, but then I think he came to love the idea.”