Felipe Drugovich graduated to FIA Formula 2 for the 2020 campaign with MP Motorsport on the back of a positive season in FIA F3. The Brazilian has won titles throughout his time in single-seater racing, but, just who is Felipe? We spoke to the man himself to get an insight on the rookie driver and what you can expect from him during the season.

Name: Felipe Drugovich

Date of birth: 23/05/2000

Racing style

“I think that my driving style is pretty flexible and that is how I try to be. Sometimes you have to be aggressive, sometimes you have to be conservative. This is especially true in longer races where you really have to take care of the tyres and that makes you naturally have to be a bit more conservative.

“Coming from go-karts, I was normally the conservative guy, the one who would play the long game, which usually worked out for me, and I think it has helped me quite a bit.

“Sometimes though, you really need to be aggressive in the opening laps, for example, if I have not had a good qualifying and wasn’t starting from the front, because then I really had to make up for it in the first few laps."

First racing memory

“That would actually be the first time that I drove a go-kart, towards the end of 2008. My two uncles took me to a track to test it. I had already been asking them to let me try a go-kart and then one day suddenly they came up to me and asked if I wanted to go to a track which wasn’t far away from my hometown in Brazil. That’s my first motorsport memory.”

Racing hero

“Ayrton Senna, for sure. For 90% of Brazilians it is only him and I am not an exception.”

Favourite track on the F2 calendar

“I haven’t driven on all of the tracks on the calendar, but I think that the street circuits can be really fun. I would love to try Monaco, although that is not possible this year. From the tracks I know and have driven, it would be Spa-Francorchamps and Silverstone.”

Greatest racing achievement

“I think that is has to be my Championship win in the Euroformula Open 2018. I think that it was quite amazing to win 14 races out of 16, so it was quite a big deal for me, although it was actually my second title in single seaters.

“I feel like I done a good job through the entire year, and it felt like that almost every time I stepped out of the car. I think that’s one of the main reasons why it makes it feel quite special.”