Chasing the Formula 2 title with Carlin, Jehan Daruvala has lofty ambitions for the 2021 campaign, but how did he get here? We sat down with the Red Bull junior to find out the moments that made him.


“The first moment would be from years ago, when I was chosen in the top three of the ‘One in a Billion hunt,’ which had been organised by the Force India Formula 1 team. Being chosen in the top three is what gave me the opportunity to come to Europe in the first place and start racing. That was back in 2011, it was a competition to find the next Indian racing talent.

“Initially, only drivers between the ages of 14-18 could enter and I was only around 12 or 13 at the time. They later opened up a wildcard entry though, where they chose one person below the age of 14 and one above the age of 18. I was selected as the under 14 wildcard option because I did the fastest time in the whole of India in that age group.

“I then went up against 100 people and this number was gradually cut down to 50, 25 and 10. Eventually, a final three were chosen. I finished in the top three and that kick started my career and got me to Europe.”

Daruvala finished in the top 3 of Force Indias One in a Billion Hunt
Daruvala finished in the top 3 of Force India's 'One in a Billion Hunt'


“Winning the Super 1 National KFJ Championship in 2013, which included drivers like Dan Ticktum. I faced George Russell the year before I won as well.

“There was a lot of pressure on me at the time because I was with Racing Point and they wanted me to win the Championship in order to continue in the programme. Thankfully, I managed to deliver and retained my place at the time.”

Daruvala joined the Red Bull Junior Team ahead of the 2020 campaign
Daruvala joined the Red Bull Junior Team ahead of the 2020 campaign


“The biggest of the three moments would be getting chosen to join the Red Bull Junior Team. To have the opportunity to drive in Formula 2 under the Red Bull colours is a huge honour. It gives me the platform and the chance of getting a seat in Formula 1 if I perform.

“The discussions initially started at the end of my Formula 3 season in 2019. I injured my knee not long after and this put the talks on hold, but once that healed, we opened up talks again and moved forward. It has been really good so far. I have benefitted loads, from prepping on their simulator to speaking to the people who work there, like the psychological coaches for example. It helps me so much.”