We went behind the visor with Roy Nissany to discuss the design of his helmet and delve into the back story of where it all began.

The Williams Academy driver discusses the Israeli themes, why he was inspired by father, and offers his design services to the motorsport community.

“I got my first professional karting helmet in around 2004," said Nissany. "When I was six or seven years old. I was a kid wanting to imitate his father, who drove himself, so naturally my helmet imitated his.

"He was combining the nationalities of Israel and Hungary and had both colours on his helmet, whereas me, as more of an Israeli, kept the white and blue. I still use those colours now and have all of my previous designs up at home.

“It is like seeing the development of fashion. It goes from something that is very square, with straight lines to something more abstract and conceptual. You can really see the development and I like it very much. I already have an idea in my head of how I would develop this in the new season.

“I like to play with my designs on photoshop, before it goes to the professionals, who do a real draft of the design. After that it gets painted. I enjoy graphic design, I studied photography in school and learned photoshop then. I taught myself Illustrator as well and they are cool tools to play with. If anyone wants a helmet designed by a professional driver… I am open to offers!

“A helmet design is a way for a driver to express his tastes. I think my helmet tells people a lot about my personality. Blue has always been my colour, and there is a glitter effect on there, which fits my Israeli, Arabic taste.

“I love the feeling when a new helmet arrives in the box for the first time and you get to see it. You pull it out so quickly because you just want to see it. It's even better than getting new trainers! I love seeing other drivers designs as well, the level of creativity on the grid is beautiful.”