Repping the red, white and blue on the Formula 2 grid, Jak Crawford’s brought elements from his early days in racing all the way up to the second tier for his 2023 helmet design.

Fresh off of his first F2 podium in Melbourne, the Hitech Pulse- Eight driver filled us in on all the details and decisions behind his look, from rocking the Red Bull branding to showcasing his American homeland.

“Obviously, the helmet’s predominately Red Bull with the traditional yellow, red and blue, which is on the majority of the side and front. On the top I have flames which I’ve had on every single helmet since my very first one when I was six years old. It’s been a tradition to have the flames on there and I decided to put the American flag inside them to represent my country.

“I’ve added some stars around as well to keep the American sort of theme going. It’s the same exact design as last year, but I’ve basically added light blue everywhere, which is my favourite colour. It looks good with the car, so I’m happy to have it right there.

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“My first helmet was a pre-painted one, so you just bought it from the store. It was basically all flames across the whole thing. Then my first painted helmet was orange and white and it had the same flames on it, so keeping up the tradition for over 11 years.

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“My favourite part is definitely the top because it’s something I’ve had on all my helmet, and I think it looks really nice. Obviously, my helmet is mostly Red Bull. I’d like to have a bit more red, white and blue on there, but I think I already have quite a bit on there. Super happy to display the American flag since there aren’t that many.

“All the Red Bull stuff has to be there on the front and on the side, but everything else is up to me basically. I’ve sort of had the same general design but with a couple of tweaks for three years now, so I don’t want to change it too much more.

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“There’s not really anything I’d ever change. I always try to make my dream helmet every year, that’s sort of the goal. I didn’t have much time; I sort of rushed this year’s design so that’s why I literally designed it to be the exact same and just changed the colours. Hopefully, for next year I just need to get started with the design process earlier to that I have more ideas. It still turned out very nice, so I’m very happy with it.

“I’m not sure how long I’ve had the logo. It’s been a while, probably five or six years and it’s been in the same spot on all of my helmets. I get my helmet designed by MDM Designs and Bell paints my helmet.”