Oliver Bearman went quickest of all late on in the afternoon session of Day 1 to lead the way for PREMA Racing ahead of Andrea Kimi Antonelli. The Briton set a 1:36.092 on the soft Pirelli tyres to end up quickest of all, while the Italian followed 0.165s down.

Victor Martins led the way for ART Grand Prix in a Red Flag-filled morning session, setting a 1:36.852 on mediums in the first half of the day.


It was a very busy pitlane as the session went green, but things didn’t start as planned for Oliver Goethe. The #21 Trident came to a halt just before Turn 6 to bring out the first Red Flag of the day in the opening five minutes.

Back to green flag conditions, drivers filtered back out and it was Juan Manuel Correa that led in the early running for DAMS, setting a 1:38.388 in the opening hour. The second Red Flag came shortly afterwards, courtesy of Trident once more as Goethe stopped on track just after Turn 14.

The session resumed momentarily before a third Red Flag arrived minutes later, this time after Enzo Fittipaldi stopped in the #22 Van Amersfoort Racing car at Turn 7.

Underway again, and Jak Crawford was the first driver in the 1:37s, going quickest of all on a 1:37.845 for DAMS. He led the way with an hour gone but was the cause of the fourth Red Flag of the morning, coming to a halt at Turn 8.

With an hour and 50 minutes left of the morning, the session resumed before the fifth Red Flag was shown in quick succession. This time it was the Rodin Carlin of Ritomo Miyata, who’d stopped at Turn 11.

Back underway, the times were getting quicker as Victor Martins put ART Grand Prix fastest of all, dipping into the 1:36s to lead from Rodin Carlin’s Zane Maloney by 0.3s. The Frenchman then shaved a few hundredths off his personal best time to move onto a 1:36.852.

With just over half an hour remaining, Fittipaldi joined Martins in the 1:36s, going second quickest for VAR, 0.108s down on the top time. Crawford also made a late improvement, moving up to third in the final 10 minutes on a 1:37.006.

Antonelli was the busiest driver of the morning in his first test in F2 machinery, achieving 44 laps to close the first segment of the day.

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Fresh from the lunchbreak, Miyata hit the front in the opening 15 minutes of the afternoon, setting a 1:37.796 in his #4 Rodin Carlin. Paul Aron in the #9 Hitech Pulse-Eight car was next to go fastest, with a time 0.241s quicker than Miyata’s initial benchmark.

The Estonian remained at the top of the time sheets until Josep María Martí set a 1:37.529 for Campos Racing to take P1 away as the clock ticked just over an hour gone.

With long runs very much the focus for much of the afternoon session, major improvements were few and far between. Bearman moved up to P1 just after the halfway stage, setting a 1:37.316 to lead the way for PREMA. Antonelli then made it a 1-2 for the Italian team but lost his time due to exceeding track limits, having been just 0.090s down on the Briton.

Aron improved to go within 0.016s of Bearman as the clock ticked towards the final hour of running, while Martí and Hadjar made it two Campos cars inside the top five, third and fourth respectively.

With 45 minutes to run, the PREMA duo improved once again as Bearman took the benchmark down to a 1:37.243, while Antonelli slotted into P2, 0.049s down on that effort. Formula 3 Champion Gabriel Bortoleto was next up to go quickest minutes later, the Brazilian setting a 1:37.110 to put Invicta Virtuosi Racing fastest.

Martins put ART back up near the top, going second before lowering the time to beat to a 1:37.032 as drivers got nearer and nearer the 1:36 barrier once more. With just over half an hour to go, the Frenchman became the first driver to get underneath that, setting a 1:36.986.

Amaury Cordeel was another to improve as the session neared the end, going third fastest with a 1:37.059 to leave the top three separated by just 0.073s.

On the soft Pirelli tyres, Bearman returned to P1 on a 1:36.294 with 14 minutes left of Day 1, before lowering that twice over to a 1:36.092. Antonelli followed in quick succession, moving himself up to P2, 0.165s further back.

Having dropped outside the top 10, Martins was back in the top three, 0.302s down on the lead PREMA to end Day 1. Colapinto ended up as the afternoon’s busiest driver, reaching 61 laps completed for MP Motorsport.


1Victor MartinsFRAART Grand Prix1:36.85235
2Enzo FittipaldiBRAVan Amersfoort Racing1:36.96037
3Jak CrawfordUSADAMS1:37.00634
4Juan Manuel CorreaUSADAMS1:37.09137
5Franco ColapintoARGMP Motorsport1:37.10538
6Zane MaloneyBRBRodin Carlin1:37.12030
7Dennis HaugerNORMP Motorsport1:37.16333
8Isack HadjarFRACampos Racing1:37.26333
9Zak O’SullivanGBRART Grand Prix1:37.39433
10Oliver BearmanGBRPREMA Racing1:37.52243
11Amaury CordeelBELHitech Pulse-Eight1:37.81028
12Gabriel BortoletoBRAInvicta Virtuosi Racing1:37.97933
13Josep María MartíESPCampos Racing1:38.06835
14Richard VerschoorNEDTrident1:38.09420
15Andrea Kimi AntonelliITAPREMA Racing1:38.12444
16Joshua DurksenPRYPHM Racing1:38.16833
17Paul AronESTHitech Pulse-Eight1:38.17129
18Kush MainiINDInvicta Virtuosi Racing1:38.21437
19Rafael VillagómezMEXVan Amersfoort Racing1:38.55035
20Joshua MasonGBRPHM Racing1:38.58239
21Oliver GoetheDEUTrident1:38.66327
22Ritomo MiyataJPNRodin Carlin1:39.20133


1Oliver BearmanGBRPREMA Racing1:36.09237
2Andrea Kimi AntonelliITAPREMA Racing1:36.25737
3Victor MartinsFRAART Grand Prix1:36.39443
4Richard VerschoorNEDTrident1:36.42529
5Amaury CordeelBELHitech Pulse-Eight1:36.64441
6Dennis HaugerNORMP Motorsport1:36.69056
7Paul AronESTHitech Pulse-Eight1:36.80139
8Zak O’SullivanGBRART Grand Prix1:36.82042
9Isack HadjarFRACampos Racing1:36.87638
10Enzo FittipaldiBRAVan Amersfoort Racing1:36.89152
11Oliver GoetheDEUTrident1:36.95947
12Gabriel BortoletoBRAInvicta Virtuosi Racing1:37.04446
13Juan Manuel CorreaUSADAMS1:37.17037
14Josep María MartíESPCampos Racing1:37.46332
15Rafael VillagómezMEXVan Amersfoort Racing1:37.51154
16Jak CrawfordUSADAMS1:37.56739
17Kush MainiINDInvicta Virtuosi Racing1:37.64428
18Ritomo MiyataJPNRodin Carlin1:37.79643
19Joshua MasonGBRPHM Racing1:38.17242
20Zane MaloneyBRBRodin Carlin1:38.41647
21Joshua DurksenPRYPHM Racing1:39.13753
22Franco ColapintoARGMP Motorsport1:39.69961