We sat down with Frederik Vesti to discuss the ART Grand Prix driver’s greatest influences. The Danish star looked back over the people who have inspired him and helped shape his motorsport journey so far.


“Since before I remember I've been with my dad, helping him out in his business, driving to Germany, picking up cars and all these things when I was only one years old. Now, I'm racing all over the world and he's travelling with me to almost all of the races.

"The second thing that he's done - he's really helped me to be able to race, to raise the money together has been a huge challenge but to achieve this has been huge.

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“Now he's a lot less part of all the running of my whole career, but he's more there as a dad and as a supportive person, which is really nice.  It's good to see how the relationship has changed because he used to be team manager, mental coach, sponsor everything, and now he's just my dad.”


“My manager has been incredible. She has taught me so much that has helped me to where I am today. She pushed me hard too - in terms of sponsorships, media, all these kind of things outside the racetrack which is really important to be a racing driver.

“She has been in the sport for a long time, and she doesn't accept no for an answer. She's one of the main reasons why I'm able to drive this Formula 2 car today.

“I remember having the first meeting with her when she told me she would never, ever work in racing again. Then spending one year trying to convince her and spending time sending her emails, pictures and videos and everything because my dad and I knew that if I was ever going to be going forward in racing, I needed a manager and it needed to be her because she was the only one in Denmark who was capable of making it happen.”

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“Since I'm a part of the Mercedes junior programme, I've got to spend a lot more time in the UK with George Russell but also with the Mercedes team in general. There's a lot of great personalities within the team there that I can really use and who can help me in the right direction.

“It's crazy for me to think that I have access to the greatest engineers and the greatest drivers of the Formula 1 paddock and being able to drive in the simulator as well. All of this is just a huge bonus and something that really can help me move forward. It's not one single thing, it's all the small things that I get to be around and talk to the right people.”