Isack Hadjar is one of several Red Bull Junior Team drivers on the 2023 Formula 2 grid, but he stands out with his helmet design.

The Hitech Pulse-Eight driver talks us through his design from the early days in karts to the scientific influence to the creative design he has saved for the future.

“So my first painted helmet - it was a while before I got one. It was my fourth season in go-karts. I always used to run a fully white helmet with some stickers on. My first one I had it for four years, just the same design and did my whole go-kart career with it. It was mainly orange and yellow, maybe some green. They were the fluorescent colours I like. I liked the yellow because of Ayrton Senna. I can’t remember the details but back in the day, I really liked it because it was my first one and I was very happy to have it.

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“Now we see it’s mainly a Red Bull helmet. We have to play around with it, we need to respect some stuff. You’re not allowed just any colour, but I kept the orange and yellow I’ve had my whole career. In Formula 4 up to Regional, I used to run a lot of green but now I can’t anymore, but I’ve always loved to run the yellow and orange. It matches the livery obviously. This one is mostly yellow because it’s my rain helmet and I also use it in night races because it’s brighter.

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“I really like the top. It’s mainly my dad who did the design. I was there to say, ‘yeah I like that, no I don’t like this’. My dad is a quantum physicist. That’s why you see the formulas and space on the helmet. I really love it, it has all the famous formulas from scientists, they’re all here.

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little bit. I asked for some green at the front. The other helmet has a bit more orange here and then yellow on the sides. I tried to keep it simple. I really like the lines here, they look aggressive, and I like this part in particular.

“This was painted by BS Designs. They paint for a few F1 drivers, Charles Leclerc, Pierre Gasly. He painted before I joined Red Bull too, I’ve been loyal to them. For three years, they’ve been doing a great job and I always love how the helmets turn out.

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“I have really low artistic skill so basically the first time they showed me the design, I was like ‘Yeah, I want this one, maybe change the colour on the top and sides but that’s it.’ I wasn’t really into making my helmet, honestly. I see a lot of drivers being on it and getting into the details, knowing exactly what they want. But just give me a Red Bull helmet and I’ll be happy.

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“It’s an Arai. My first go-kart helmet was like a moto helmet, and it took me a while to get a proper one, but when I did it was an Arai. I really feel like it’s more classy than any other racing helmet, so I stick with them.

“If I did a special one – I’m a big manga fan so if I ever get to race in Japan, I think I would love some anime characters on it. Obviously, you have the popular ones, Goku, some Hunter x Hunter characters. I could get myself on there as a Super Saiyan, that would be nice.”