Jak Crawford already has four podium finishes and one race victory to his name so far in his rookie campaign, and is the latest to talk us through who has influenced his career the most.

The Hitech Pulse-Eight driver took the time to detail those who have helped him along the way to Formula 2, from his very early days in karts to current integral support through the years.


"I think first of all it would have to be my dad, just because he's been there throughout my whole life and racing career and he’s always putting me in the right places and helped me out a number of times.

"He wasn’t super into motorsport. I mean he liked motorsport and would watch a bit, you could say he was a bit of a fan, but no, it was all a bit lucky actually. I just received a kart when I was four years old, and it went from there.

"I remember when I was a very young age, five years old and driving around parking lots at my preschool. I remember one of my first races actually, there was only two of us and the other guy had an engine issue, so that was nice and straightforward! So I remember a lot of those early memories. I think my dad was mechanic for me when I was growing up as well."

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“It was my first karting team, and I really learned a lot with him basically my all my karting years at the beginning was where I learned everything at a very young age, which is very good as well.

“When I first joined, it was a hobby still and then by the end of it, it was when I got to around 12 or 13 and was good enough, I learned enough that I could turn it into something.

“Doing that at such a young age was a good thing. I got to a good karting level while I was quite young, then I was able to progress into the faster categories at a younger age and it sort of propelled me into F4, F3 and then F2 now.”

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"My last one would probably be my physio, Sam. Just from a mental standpoint and from just helping me out on and off the track. I think it's been really good and a very important thing in my life. I've been working with him since November last year.

"I mean, obviously I get along very well with him. I feel I can always be honest and open and tell him everything and we have good relationship that helps me. Everything on and off the track as well from the physical standpoint and the mental standpoint, it’s just me and me and him. Basically, he’s the only person I communicate with things around the track and everything so it’s good."