All 22 drivers on this year’s grid have now had the chance to sample the brand new 2024 Formula 2 car. So, what have they made of the car so far and what are the biggest differences compared to the old generation?

With an emphasis placed on making the car a closer resemblance to those in Formula 1 - a redesigned front wing, floor, sidepods and rear wing have been the standout elements in an altogether different approach to the car’s design.

But, after hundreds of laps over the course of pre-season testing, here’s what some of the drivers have had to say about the 2024 F2 machine’s differences when they’ve been at the wheel.

Zane Maloney, Rodin Motorsport

“I think this year, for the first part of it, it’s going to be all about who can make the biggest steps with the car and then the driver getting a feel for it as quickly as possible.

“It's nice. It feels similar, if someone drove one day in the old one, one day in the new one, they're not going to feel massively different. But after doing a full year in the old one, you do feel those small, different things.

“It’s a different way of driving in certain corners but generally they’re quite similar. It definitely looks a bit nicer; my car is a lot brighter as well. So, I am seeing a difference from the cockpit.

“The way of running the car for the teams is a bit different, and it’s difficult to get on top of that straightaway and that takes a lot of effort and a lot of work to get the last couple of hundredths from my side.

“It does feel a bit different in certain areas like in the high speed, the wings are new, so the downforce levels are a bit different. But, when you jump in, you can still tell it’s an F2 car with a turbo and Pirelli tyres, 18-inch wheels. The big things feel the same.”

Oliver Bearman, PREMA Racing

Bearman will be aiming to add consistency to his speed in 2024
Bearman will be aiming to add consistency to his speed in 2024

“Mainly the differences between last year’s car and this one starts with the rear wing. It creates a bit more drag which hopefully means the DRS is more effective. So, the racing and overtaking should be slightly easier and make it even more interesting.

“The downforce created with this car is more from the floor than the old car, there are channels for the air to go under the car. That’s a bit different to the previous year and hopefully it means we can follow other competitors more closely and in turn, make the racing even better.

“Inside the car we have new safety measures, quite a lot of foam inside it for drivers’ safety in case of an accident, we’re a bit more protected on the inside. The side intrusion panels are stronger as well.

“Generally, it’s a similar car to last year, but looks a bit more modern and a bit more in line with current F1.”

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Dennis Hauger, MP Motorsport

“There are a few differences, the car itself – the aerodynamics are a bit different, so it changes its behaviour and the way we have to set the car up. There’s still stuff for us to work on, but so far, it’s been positive to drive around in and enjoyable.”

Joshua Duerksen, PHM AIX Racing

“I didn’t have a lot of running with the previous car but from what I did get and comparing that car and this new car, it feels quite similar. It’s very comfortable on the inside, it’s a good seating position that’s for sure. Performance-wise, on pace, I think the car is going to be more or less within the same range to the previous car, but I’m really excited to see it in the races. It should be easier to follow other cars but that’s something we’ll figure out in the first race.”

Jak Crawford, DAMS Lucas Oil

Crawford showed strong pace with the new Formula 2 car throughout testing
Crawford showed strong pace with the new Formula 2 car throughout testing

“At the end of the day, it doesn't feel too dissimilar. You carry a lot of things over, especially with the tyres. Driving style-wise, there are little differences to get used to here and there but otherwise the feeling is generally the same even though we're quite a bit quicker than we were last year.”

Taylor Barnard, PHM AIX Racing

“Of course, this wasn’t only my first time touching the new car, but it was also my first time in any Formula 2 machinery. From data and what I can see, it’s similar to the old car with some slight improvements in high-speed cornering. It’s the heaviest car I have ever driven in my career and that’s something that I will need to adapt to quickly, but I’m very much looking forward to the new racing season!”